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Piyaa Albela:
Bela have kept Vyas family captive and asks them to call Naren, else she will kill them one by one. She even slits Harsha’s throat, but luckily Harsha survives. Neelima calls Naren and informs him about Bela’s psycho act and asks him to prove his loyalty. Naren comes there to rescue his family from Bela’s horrible revenge and tries to burn her house. Women gang tries to stop him. Pooja meets Bela’s father and comes to know that he is oblivious to Bela’s psychotic revenge. She thinks to make Bela realize not to punish the innocent people for her revenge and seeks her father’s help. She will save Naren and his family from Bela’s dangerous plan.

Laado 2:

Shaurya meets Shagun. He is doubtful about her. He alerts Shagun and asks her to be careful of him, as he is soon marrying Juhi. He tells her that he should do anything against Juhi. He wants Shagun to love Juhi as her real mum. He knows Shagun isn’t supporting Juhi and his love story. He warns her and says he will always keep a watch on her to secure Juhi. Shagun stays annoyed with him. She asks Amrish to make property papers ready soon. Amrish gets the papers in no time. Shagun asks Anushka to sign the papers. Anushka doesn’t understand and just signs. Shagun thanks Anushka for the favor. Amrish asks Anushka to carry on her work.


Sameer gets friendly with Soumya. He offers her a work in his small shop. He helps Soumya and wants her life to get easy. He shakes hands with her, which she doesn’t like. She stays away from him. Sameer tells her that she has to work hard. She doesn’t accept his friendship. He says we are friends from now. She asks him about the nearby temple. He guides her the directions. Soumya believes Sameer to be a nice guy. Sameer offers her a lift. She agrees to go with him on his bike. Sameer drops her to the temple. Sameer knows she is married, and doesn’t think of anything. He is just helping her as she is also a poor person like him. He just wants to have friendship with her.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth is restless to know if Teni is willingly marrying Iqbal. He reaches Iqbal’s house in disguise of a worker. He meets Teni. He gets emotional seeing her. He wants to go away from her life if she is happy in her new world. He sees Teni’s marriage preparations happening. He gets lost in thoughts of their past on seeing Teni. He doesn’t tell anyone his motive of visiting them. He talks to Iqbal’s mum and gets saved. Teni sees Parth and runs away.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki scolds Tetar and Babbu. She can’t believe how irresponsible they are, they didn’t check the medicinal supply. She holds them responsible for the sick people’s state. Tetar and Babbu are innocent in the matter. They want the ill people to get treated in big hospitals and also find the culprit who tried to ruin their names. Babbu gets angry on Nimki’s words, when she blames Tetar. She warns Tetar that she won’t leave them if anything happens to Elena, she will forget that they are her in-laws. Babbu loses his cool and can’t tolerate it. He holds her neck to suffocate and tries to hit her. Nimki becomes strong and opposes Babbu. Nimki wants to get the real culprits punished. She wants justice for the villagers. She handles the situation smartly.


Chakor will be becoming a target of Karan’s evil plotting. She is given a choice to choose between Suraj or villagers. Karan asks her to decide and have a deal with her. He tries to convince her. She tells him that its impossible for her to choose either of Suraj and the village. He understands her and asks her to think of Suraj, who could get a life sentence. He says you would be away from Suraj for 14 years, its long time, think about Suraj and his future. Chakor gets depressed. She doesn’t want Suraj to get punished. He tells her that he has spoken to his lawyers and found a way to save Suraj.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Mandira arrives at Vijay’s house. Bulbul gets worried. Mandira is back to clam her love Vijay. Mandira tries to impress everyone. She praises Vijay and Bulbul. The family doesn’t like Mandira. Mandira tries hard to bond with Gayatri. She says Bulbul has changed Vijay a lot, Vijay has rapped a song well. She praises Bulbul and surprises everyone. Bulbul says I didn’t make him do this. Mandira says it means I m the reason for his success, I m glad. Sadhna answers Mandira. She thanks Lord that Vijay married Bulbul, not Mandira. She says you aren’t the reason for Vijay’s success, his unique thinking is the reason.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

With fake Ratan’s entry, Diya plans to expose him and shows firm belief on real Ratan who is married to her. She gets CCTV spy cam in his room after he raises doubt on family members’ mind about the real Ratan. The imposter manages to enter Kesar Mahal. Diya and Yash watches his move on the tab. Ratan gets glad and touched with Diya’s trust on him and realizes his love for her, when the imposter tries to get close to Diya.


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