TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Avni learns Kamini’s truth. She learns Kamini is involved in child trafficking. She complaints against Kamini. She takes police to Kamini’s house and asks Mitali to investigate the matter. Neil cries when a photo frame falls down and breaks. He recalls a moment when Avni and he had set their picture in the frame. He regrets that he wasn’t with his child right from his birth.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer thanks Zara for arranging a birthday party for his sister. Zara gives happiness to the family. Kabeer and Zara’s relation has turned into strong bond of love. They don’t tell the family about Shiraaz. Zara wishes Ruksar doesn’t create any problem between them. Zara starts influencing Kabeer and his decision. Zara likes the change in Kabeer’s behavior. Kabeer is happy believing Zara to be an ideal wife. He wants to take her suggestions in important matters. He does breakfast with the family. He answers the family that he still follows all the customs. He praises Zara for explaining him the customs and their differences well. Zara gets glad to hear appraisal from him. Ruksar turns jealous seeing them together.


Kumkum Bhagya:

King signs a music contract deal with a music company and as per the contract, he has to do concert in many countries. Pragya tells King Singh about his contract. She refuses to visit Mumbai, along with him. He asks her if she doesn’t want to face the person who cheated her. He understands that Pragya is avoiding her lover there. He boosts her confidence by praising her. He tells her that she has been his manager and given a new life to his career. Pragya is ready to go anywhere with him, as he needs his manager. She refuses to accompany him to Mumbai, where Abhi lives.

Chakor regrets that Suraj is innocent and still getting punished. Karan also withdraws his support. Chakor asks Karan to arrange bail for Suraj. She tells Suraj that she is always with her and she won’t let his courage break down. He asks her to look after their family well. He feels guilty and doesn’t care if he has to stay inside the lockup for days. Chakor asks Suraj to believe himself, its not his mistake. She tells him that they should better find the real culprit. Chakor has no idea that Imli is alive and she is behind the bridge disaster. Karan and Imli join hands and turns strong to target Suraj and Chakor.


Roma influences Vivaan to get separated from Meera, who is really unfit to become his wife. Vivaan asks Meera to leave from his room. She tells him that its her room also. She wants to sleep on the bed. Meera and Vivaan have a fight for the bed. She doesn’t get scared of him. She goes to sleep. Vivaan is angry on her. He felt Meera is a nice girl, but Roma has brainwashed him against Meera. He misunderstands Meera. He wants divorce. Meera refuses to give him divorce. Roma tells Meera that she also has a heart and she is thinking for everyone’s betterment. Roma gets taunting Meera for trapping Vivaan.

Laado 2:
Shaurya and Anushka get engaged. They have a romantic performance in their engagement ceremony. Shaurya is very happy to get Juhi in his life. He doesn’t know Anushka’s truth. He gets surprises when Anushka hugs him. He is showering love on Anushka, assuming her to be Juhi. Anushka unwillingly does the engagement to fail Shagun and Amrish’s plotting. Anushka feels responsible for Juhi’s family and property. She has to secure Dadi and others from Shagun’s evil. Anushka starts believing Shaurya. She doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. She wants to tell the truth to Shaurya and take his help to counter Shagun.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika and Sahil have a filmi romance. They perform on a romantic dance. Vedika is closer to him in his dreamy romance. Sahil wishes Vedika accepts her. Sahil encourages Arya for her dance performance. Aryan dances to convince Vedika. She shows sorry and love you cards for Vedika. Arya’s cute dance wins Vedika’s heart. Sahil helps Arya realize her mistake and rectify it. Vedika is grateful that Sahil handled Arya well. Vedika forgives Arya and Sahil for lying to her. Sahil’s surprise melts down Vedika’s anger.

Jiji Maa:

Niyati confronts Falguni and asks her why did she leave her hand to make her fall down from much height. She blames Falguni for her miscarriage. He asks Falguni not to act as mother again. She scolds Falguni for being selfish and killing her child. Falguni shatters with Niyati’s blames. Falguni tells Niyati that the latter has snatched her life’s motives today. Vidhaan and Niyati get emotional seeing the baby’s decorated room. They cry for their baby’s loss. Niyati’s bitter words make Falguni heartbroken. Niyati says Falguni is jealous of me, she wanted me to be her puppet, when I got married to Vidhaan, she couldn’t tolerate it and played this plan to become my Jethani. She scolds Falguni for marrying Suyash to ruin her life.


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