Kaal Bhairav Rahasya to mark closure with a high-octane climax


The villagers place the Shivlings in the temple. Thakur prepares the villagers to protect the Shivlings. Indra teams up with Latika to get the Shivlings. He asks her to get Shivlings for him. Namrata too wants to guard the Shivlings. Thakur doesn’t change the temple traditions and tells everyone that temple will be shut after sunset. Gauri wishes the Shivlings stay safe. Namrata runs inside the temple with good intentions. Rahul tells Latika that the people will leave from the temple at night and they get a fair chance to steal the Shivlings to hand over to police. He makes a plan to get Shivlings. He doesn’t know that Latika is with Indra, she is cheating them.

Lakhan feels Shivlings are at risk again. Gauri is sure that Lord will protect Shivlings. She asks him about Indra’s phone which can help them know about his aides. Thakur and Pujari shut the temple at night. Lakhan gets Indra’s phone and receives a big shock knowing Latika is working for Indra. He also learns Latika and Rahul’s plan to get the Shivlings. Lakhan informs Gauri about Latika’s involvement with Indra. They fear that Rahul’s life is in danger. Rahul and Latika enter the temple at night and find the Shivlings. Rahul doesn’t believe in Kaal Bhairav. Preeti gets upset knowing Latika is Indra’s lover. Lakhan understands that Latika was informing Indra. Latika stabs Rahul and admits that she is with Indra. Rahul learns the fact that Latika cheated them. Indra tells Rahul that Latika is his true soul mate, they are together in this big plan. Rahul regrets to believe Latika.

Indra tells Rahul that he is the Lord of Kalyug. Lakhan fights with people to save Rahul and Shivlings. Latika makes sure that Rahul gets killed. Namrata who stays inside the temple to protect Shivlings, spots Latika stabbing Rahul. Namrata stabs Latika to punish her. Indra assures Latika that he will protect her. Indra stabs Namrata. Namrata apologizes to Rahul for all her sins. She breaths last in front of Rahul. Rahul cries seeing Indra’s crimes. Thakur gets informed about Indra and Latika’s planning. He asks Gauri to leave everything to Lord Kaal Bhairav, who will handle everything. Gauri fears for Rahul’s life. Thakur tells the villagers that they should just pray to Kaal Bhairav. Indra wants to become the supreme power. He opens the temple doors and announces that he is the new Lord for them. He spreads terror. He declares that he is blasting the temple to show them his power.

Thakur asks Indra to be scared of Lord. Indra acts fearless. The villagers pray to Kaal Bhairav. Rudra arrives there to kill Indra. Indra asks Rudra how did he get alive after dying by his hands. Rudra asks Indra not to be a fool. Rudra tells Indra that he is his Kaal. Indra asks Rudra not to step ahead, else he will kill everyone. Rudra fails Indra’s planning. Indra wants to know Rudra’s true identity. Rudra takes Kaal Bhairav’s avatar in front of everyone and then punishes the evil doer Indra. The villagers witness Kaal Bhairav and his great justice. Indra doesn’t believe anything and wants to prove that he is the supreme. Rudra beheads Indra and punishes him. Rahul witnesses Kaal Bhairav’s real wrath. The village gets justice. Rudra and Shambu protect the Shivlings. Rahul gets believing into Lord and the real story of the temple. Rahul realizes his foolishness and repents for his mistakes.

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