Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Diya to pretend hatred for Ratan


Diya is worried by real and fake Ratan’s confusion. Arpita escapes from jail to kill Ratan and Diya. She reaches Kesar Mahal and takes Diya at gun point. She shoots at Ratan. Diya tries to protect Ratan. The family finds Ratan shot in his arm and rush to him. Arpita wants to fulfill her revenge. Arpita then points the gun at fake Ratan, knowing he is real Ratan Maan Singh. She threatens to shoot him. Diya has got Arpita home to take her help in finding real Ratan. Diya wanted fake Ratan to confess his truth. Arpita shoots the fake Ratan too. Both fake and real Ratan don’t react seeing death in front of them. Diya tells them that it was her plan to find real Ratan. The drama doesn’t yield anything.

The family has a soft corner for their Ratan. Diya then gets more confused, as the plan didn’t prove anything. She sends Arpita back to jail. Diya then gets some reports which proves Diya’s lover Ratan is a fraud. She can’t believe that her Ratan is cheating the family.

Diya than slaps Ratan and asks him to leave. Kakisa and Kakusa also slap Ratan and scold him for living with them with deceive plans. Diya throws out Ratan from the house. Family feels sad on his leaving.

Diya makes Ratan leave the house after the growing suspicions. Fake Ratan takes his place in Kesar Mahal. Ratan takes a disguise of a Rajasthani man and meets Diya and Yash. They don’t identify Ratan. Ratan stays around in the handicraft event. He plays music and entertains everyone. He sees Diya with fake Ratan. He tries to tell Diya that its actually him. Diya doesn’t observe his signs. Later, Diya meets Ratan and apologizes to make him out of the house. She keeps her hand over the candle and punishes herself for being unfair to him. Ratan forgives her. He protects her from fire and hugs her. They have a romantic moment. He feels love for Diya. Diya understands his feelings. Ratan sheds tears and gets emotional. Diya wipes his tears while giving him an assurance that she is always with him.


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