Shakti: Harman and Soumya to have a hit and miss


Soumya visits a temple and prays for Harman. She drops the aarti plate. She gets restless that Harman is in problem. She wishes Preeto, Harman and entire family stays happy. She is unhappy to stay away from Harman. Sameer finds her upset and asks her the reason. He understands she is helpless and wants a shelter. He advices her to return home to live with her husband if she loves and respects her relation. Soumya doesn’t speak up. He then offers her help. He asks her to come with him to his house. He finds Soumya hurt. He insists her to come along. Sameer will be supporting Soumya.

Harman and Jasleen make plan to search Soumya in Ludhiana. Sameer asks Soumya to hide when his mum comes to do puja in the shop. Soumya agrees. A man comes to Harak Singh’s house and threatens to tell his secret to the Pind. Harak Singh gets tensed and threatens the man. Later, he gets shot by the gun. Harman comes to Sameer’s shop and is about to enquired about Soumya showing her picture, when he gets Preeto’s call informing him that Harak Singh suffered bullet injuries. Harman rushes home without showing picture to Sameer. Soumya continues to work in Sameer’s shop and miss to see Harman.

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