Shakti: Soumya to get acceptance in Sameer’s family

Shakti: Harak Singh to realize Soumya's worth

Harak gets attacked in the hospital. His enemy tries to suffocate him by a pillow. Soumya reaches there on time and sees the man doing the crime. She stops Kishanlal and scolds him for planning the attack. She asks him to get away from Harak. He threatens Soumya and makes an escape. Harak gets conscious. Harman tells everyone that Harak will get fine very soon, its matter of few hours, they can take Harak home. Harak asks Harman about the person who shot him. Harman assures to find the culprit. The family learns someone has come in the ward to attack Harak. They protect Harak from the hidden enemy. Jasleen assures Harman that they will find Soumya soon. She wants to unite Harman and Soumya. Harman doesn’t know that Soumya has saved Harak’s life.

Soumya gets a new friend in Sameer. Sameer takes her home to give her shelter. Soumya gets hurt. Sameer takes care of her. He does the aid to her hand. He asks the reason for the wound. He asks Soumya to say the facts, as they are friends now. Soumya hides about her visit to the hospital.

Sameer asks her to stop staring at her bag, as he won’t let her leave. He asks Soumya not to let his mum know about her, else his mum will beat him. Sameer’s mum spots Soumya. Sameer lies that Soumya met him to ask for any work. He says I have denied to give her work, as shop isn’t making profits. His mum catches his lies. She knows Sameer is soft-hearted. Sameer then tells the reason for helping Soumya, as she is struggling for a living. Sameer’s mum beats him. Her heart also melts. She tells him that he has done a noble deed and got scared of her, he is foolish to hide this thing. She likes Soumya’s innocence. She permits Soumya to stay with them as Sameer’s friend. She welcomes Soumya in her family.

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