Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Uma and Kanak’s remarriage to bring happiness


Kanak marries Uma happily. She wants to get her bidaai done while keeping a smile on her face. She gets the marriage done in haste. Everyone compliments Uma and Kanak’s strong love. Uma remarries Kanak and feels proud of their relation. They share a happy moment. Kanak turns into Uma’s wife again. Their happiness gets doubled when they learn about Saras’ pregnancy. Kanak and Uma congratulate Saras. Uma promises Kanak that he will always be with him. He feels bad over their past. Uma gets Kanak home. Maasa does her grahpravesh. They find a huge gift box for them.

Aditya hides inside the box and observes Uma and Kanak. Kanak romances Uma and turns into cheerful and naughty Kanak again. Rathis rejoice over Saras’ pregnancy. Bhabho and Babasa feel lucky to see their fourth generation. She finds Saras upset because of Vansh’s absence.

They suggest Saras to stay happy. Bhabho keeps Saras’ baby shower ceremony, which irks Payal. Uma and Kanak spend some sweet romantic moments. Aditya appears out of the gift box to shock them and break their romance. He apologizes to them for all his mistakes. He asks them to forgive him and give him another chance to repent. Uma forgives Aditya. He wishes everything turns fine soon. Saras will be meeting with an accident in the baby shower ceremony, as planned by Payal, which will make the former lose her child. Will Kanak be able to save Saras’ upcoming happiness? Keep reading.


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