Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi to realize his special bond with Kiara

Kumkum Bhagya Anniversary party twists lined

Abhi and Kiara meet accidentally in the airport when the latter’s balloon get burst by Abhi mistakenly. Kiara scolds him politely and asks him to return her balloons. Abhi tells her that he didn’t burst it intentionally. Kiara asks him to get balloons for her. Abhi gets balloons for her from the shop and asks her to take all, but she says as he had burst two balloons, she will take only two, and believes in fair game. Abhi senses special connection with her when she holds his hand and insists to meet her mum. When Pragya don’t come there till sometime, he tells that he will leave.

Pragya searches for Kiara in the airport and panics. Abhi and Pragya, both feel each other presence in the airport and couldn’t understand what their heart is signing them. Abhi don’t want to meet Pragya again in his life and she is hesitant to go infront of him and feels guilty.

Abhi tells Kiara that he needs to pick his Dadi from there and kisses on her forehead. She also kisses on his forehead and says if you do mistakes then I will get a chance to punish you. Abhi gets drawn to Kiara even though he is oblivious to the fact that she is his daughter. Very Soon, Pragya and Abhi will come face to face. Abhi will misunderstand Kiara to be King’s daughter first, but his resembles with Kiara forces him to believe the truth. Tanu will be the first to see Pragya and makes sure that she don’t meet Abhi.


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