Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Diya gets deceived at the imposter


Imposter Ratan manages to prove real Ratan as Fake. He hires an old couple who acts to be Real Ratan’s parents. They even call their son as Dipu and tell that he had left many years ago. Yash, Bhuvan and Chote Thakursa start doubting on real Ratan and believes imposter to be Daata Hukum Ratan. Imposter is actually an old enemy of Ratan, who wants to get his Kesar Mahal and wealth. He also wants to ruin Ratan’s life.

Yash and Bhuvan makes Ratan drunk and calls him Dipu, an imposter. Ratan gets angry seeing them doubting on him and shouts aloud confirming that he is Dipu. Diya shows trust on Ratan and hopes truth will be soon out. While the family is confused and thinks one among the two is real, Arpita runs from jail and comes to Kesar Mahal. She holds Diya on gun point and threatens to kill Ratan. She shoots at Ratan shocking everyone. Arpita targets both Ratans as per Diya’s plans to find the real Ratan Maan Singh. Diya fails in her attempt when the imposter acts clever enough to deceive.


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