Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth gets heartbroken over Teni’s new relation


Iqbal gets a cute gift for Teni. They have a moment. Teni asks Iqbal not to gift her jewelry, as she isn’t getting over the bad incident. He tells her that he always thinks about her, he wants her to forget everything. He says I m helpless because of my heart, that beats for you. She says nothing can happen to me, I m quite strong. He ties the protective thread to her wrist. She asks him to keep it, as its given to him by his mum. He says if Parth can risk life for you, I m your would be husband, I should also protect you. She breaks the thread and share the blessings. They tie the thread to each other’s hands.

Parth happens to see them together. He turns heartbroken. Teni treats Parth like a driver. He is helpless as he can’t tell her the truth. She asks Parth not to give her any lecture. She doubts on Parth, who has risked his life for her sake. She doesn’t remember her past. She doubts on Parth’s intentions.

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