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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Har Shaakh Par Ullu Baitha Hai:
    Puttan finds Bahumath nervous for his exams. He reminds Bahumath that they belong to a political family. He asks Bahumath to be fearless, being the stte CM’s son. Puttan instructs Bahumath to not worry about the exam. He hands over the chits to him. He asks Bahumath to openly cheat during an exam. Bahumath asks him what to do if any teacher catches him and throws him out of the class. Puttan asks him to be brave and hit the teacher. Bahumath takes his advice and cheats in the exam. He gets caught by the teacher. Bahumath punches the teacher’s eye. The teacher visits the CM to complain about his son’s immoral behavuor. Chaitu and Puttan refuse to make an apology. Chaitu doesn’t feel Bahumath did any mistake. He asks the teacher to feel proud that a CM’s son has punched his eye.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita and Raman spy on the lawyer who bailed out Kiran. They find out the person involved in the scam. They learn Kiran’s aide. Mani meets Roshni and scolds her for her relation with Adi. He meets her land lady and asks her about the fuse issues. The land lady lies to him about Adi. She threatens to call police and sends away Mani. Roshni thanks the land lady for lying for her. Roshni talks to Adi. She tells him that she is feeling bad because of their relation. She feels guilty to lie to Mani. Adi tells her that he wants to be with her. He justifies that her relation isn’t wrong. Ishita and Raman fool the lawyer and get away from his office. They can’t believe that a Bhalla family member has bailed out Kiran. Ishita wants to know the reason for the bail. Raman doesn’t want the matter to reach family. She tells him that they have to confront the family member.


    Leela wonders why is Satya angry on her. Kali manages the matter. She tells Leela that Satya isn’t a kid now to not understand her evil. She reminds Leela her crimes. Satya finds hard to control his anger. He thinks of Susheel and cries. He gets upset that Susheel left him. Sejal tells him that they will get Soumya punished. She asks him to think of Susheel and try to have hopes. Leela planted the letter by Soumya’s name to end everyone’s doubt on her. She is sure that everyone will forget Susheel soon. She gets back the same letter and gets scared by the doubt that Susheel has come back. Leela happens to witness Susheel’s presence. She reacts angrily. She happens to see Sarthi/Fighter Didi and scolds her for scaring her by Susheel’s voice. The family reaches Leela, but misses to sense her crime.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Naksh learns about Kirti’s miscarriage. He finds his family crying for the big loss. He gets upset with Naira who didn’t fulfill her duty. Naksh meets Kirti. They together share their pain. Dadi cries for Kirti’s pain. She gets angry on Naira for taking Kirti to the academy. Naksh feels his premonition turned true. Naira tries to console the family. Kartik tells Naira that this happened because of her stalker, who was targeting her at the academy. Kartik want to take revenge from him. He tells the family that he will punish the culprit. Naksh stays annoyed with Naira. She tries to console him over the grief. Naksh finds his sorrow unmeasurable. He blames Naira for her carelessness. He reminds his words when he asked her to be extra careful. He reprimands her and sheds tears.


    Neil promises Mogli that he will always keep him close to Avni. He tells him that Avni and he love him a lot, and they both will be with him. He says Avni will come to meet you soon. Mogli doesn’t want to stay with Neil. Avni engages herself in work. She tells Sunehri that she wants to win Mogli’s custody. She checks the adoption details of the kids. She asks Sunehri to focus on the follow ups. They visit a house to check on the adopted kid. They learn about the fake address entry. Avni gets scared to think about the child trafficking. She tells Sunehri that kids have got kidnapped by someone, its a racket for easily taking children from orphanage. Avni suspects the lawyer for being so careless. She asks Sunehri not to call anyone till they find out someone’s plotting behind it. She wants to secure the missing children.

    Jiji Maa:
    Falguni finds herself in big trouble when Uttara shuts all possibilities to prove Gayatri’s innocence. Niyati meets Falguni to be strong. Constable meets Falguni and tells about Shambu, who is the witness of Uttara’s crimes. He says Shambu knows about Uttara’s murder crime. He asks Falguni to track Shambu and find him to get justice. Falguni decides to take a disguise and find Shambu by misleading Uttara. She tells Niyati that Uttara is threatening about her life. She asks Niyati to take care of herself while she is away.

    Falguni wants to get Uttara punished, but by making herself accept her crimes. Niyati tells Falguni that she will come back home if she is becoming a hurdle for her goals. Falguni asks her to act as her enemy and fool Uttara. The sisters decide to tackle Uttara. Falguni takes a new avatar to defeat Uttara. Uttara and Shom leave for the village of Ambua. She gets troubled by a young girl Laser. She gets shocked on finding her resemblance with Falguni. Falguni doesn’t want Uttara to doubt on her plans of tracking Shambu. Falguni convinces Uttara by her sharp act. She teaches a lesson to Uttara by spoiling her costly car. Uttara gets angered. She doesn’t want to spare Laser.


    Shivay gets angry on the management. He asks the lady to get the ramp cleared. He doesn’t want any mistake from her team. The lady in turn gets angry on Anika. Shivay’s fake bride Pooja gets ready to accompany him for the fashion show. Shivay is helpless because of Roop to pretend and accept Pooja as his wife publicly. He tells the family that he wants justice for Anika’s dad, even if Anika has done wrong with them. Pooja lies to Gauri and gains sympathy. Gauri feels bad for Pooja, who is mending herself for Shivay’s sake. Pooja’s intentions aren’t known to the family. The family asks Shivay not to take along Pooja for the show. Shivay tells them that he has to obey Roop till he gets the evidence from her. Shivay, Pooja and other family members arrive at the event, which comes as a shocker for Anika. Anika hides from Shivay. She sees Shivay with his fake wife Pooja. Anika turns heartbroken.


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