Naamkarann: Neil to win Mogli’s custody


Avni is getting away from Mogli. She is very much upset. Neil has managed to win Mogli’s custody. Avni sees Mogli’s toys and cries. Neil decides to keep Mogli away from Avni. He wants Avni to realize his pain, when she kept him away from their son for ten years. He wants Avni to regret for her decisions, which she took without thinking about others getting affected. Avni understands Neil’s pain. She regrets that she was tied by her decision and promises. She tries to appear strong in front of everyone.

Sunehri consoles Avni, knowing the latter is shattering within. She asks Avni not to lose courage. Avni explains her heart, but fails. She tells Sunehri that she can’t live without Mogli.

She had hidden Mogli from the world to secure him from enemies. She tells Sunehri that she didn’t intend to hurt Neil’s sentiments. She wishes Neil could understand her pain. Avni hugs Mogli and bids him farewell with a sinking heart. Neil takes Mogli home with him. Mogli falls sick after getting away from him. Shweta and Neil try hard to look after Mogli. Avni and Mogli miss each other. Shweta tells Neil that Mogli has high fever. Neil tells them that he will take Mogli to a doctor. Mogli demands him to take him to Avni.

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