Ishqbaaz: Shivay to get attacked; Anika to go her own ways

Anika go on her ways Ishqbaaz

Shivay unites the sisters Anika and Gauri. Shivay does the ramp walk with his brothers. Obros rock the ramp with their stunning presence. Anika then walks the ramp with Shivay. Destiny brings them together again. Gauri and Omkara also walk the ramp, having a romantic moment. Oberois enjoy their golden moments on the ramp. Anika gets upset with Shivay for not telling her the truth before. She feels she doesn’t belong to Oberoi family.

Gauri requests Anika to come home with them. Anika doesn’t want to agree because of Shivay. Gauri asks Shivay to convince Anika. Anika and Shivay try to sort out their differences. They start blaming each other and remind their mistakes. She feels Shivay could have told her the matter before. He asks her why didn’t she trust him when he asked her to wait for him. He has many complains with her. Even Anika has a heavy heart.


Everyone requests Anika to come home. Anika doesn’t feel its her home anymore. She refuses to accompany them home. Shivay asks them to let Anika go anywhere she likes. He doesn’t want to compel her. Anika doesn’t want any favor from him. She meets everyone and bids them bye. They persuade Shivay to stop Anika for once. Shivay doesn’t want to stop her when she made a mind to leave. The family shatters with Anika’s leaving. Gauri’s pain gets unmeasurable. She feels to get separated from her sister. Shivay gets to see Gauri in pain. He feels bad seeing Gauri’s trust in him. Omkara asks Shivay to get Anika home at least for Gauri’s sake. He asks Shivay to understand the sister’s love, knowing the fact that they met today. Rudra asks Shivay to think of Anika’s pain, who is all alone there. Omkara and Rudra question him over his feelings. They ask him why is he doing this, when he loves Anika.

They request him not to punish Anika by believing anything against her. They ask why did he support her in front of the media, if he didn’t wish to get her home. Shivay speaks out the real reason behind his rudeness. He tells them that he has made Anika leave from their lives so that Roop doesn’t target Anika. He doesn’t want Anika and Gauri to go through any pain. He tells them that Roop got mad after Veer’s death, she wants revenge and she will target Anika again. He wanted Roop to commit any mistake so that he can end her game. He tells them that he is doing everything as Roop wants, just because he wants to prove Anika’s dad’s innocence. He knows Anika can’t live without him. He tells them that Anika is unhappy and even he is too shattered, but he did the drama in front of media to invite troubles. He wants Roop to react on his move. He wants to end the chapter forever.

Shivay makes a move to expose Pooja and Roop. He has made Pooja out of the house. Roop breaks down, falling weak after Veer’s death. She meets Pinky. She attempts to kill Pinky. She then stops and tells Pinky that she will kill Shivay. She asks Pinky to get fine and see her son dying. Shivay tells his brothers that he knows Anika’s innocence in the matter, he can never doubt on her, and he isn’t punishing them. Roop targets Shivay. She hurts Shivay. He gets a shock on seeing Roop home. She threatens to kill him. He clarifies that Veer wasn’t killed by him.

Roop vents out her anger. She hurts him in a fit of rage. She holds him responsible for ruining her plans. Roop prepares to kill Shivay. Pinky regains consciousness. She reaches Shivay on time and saves him from Roop’s attack. Roop gets caught by the Oberois. Pinky scolds Roop for hurting her son. Pinky protects her son. She tells Shivay about Roop’s manipulations to separate Anika and him. She tells him that Roop is the main culprit, who instigated Anika against him. She reveals to Shivay that Roop was responsible for the accident. She asks Shivay to punish Roop for ruining their happiness. Pinky proves Anika’s innocence. Roop gets crazy and tells them that they won’t be able to do anything without any proof. Shivay collects evidence against Roop and prepares to send her to jail.


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