Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Diya to don Pehredaar’s avatar to protect Ratan

Diya tries to expose imposter

Diya is finding a way to expose the imposter. Diya and Ratan learn the dangerous motive of fake Ratan, who wants to kill many people. They realize that fake Ratan is actually a terrorist. Fake Ratan wants to blast Kesar Mahal. Ratan tells Diya that he has seen Mithi with explosives. Diya welcomes the foreign delegates and ministers at the event. Diya wants to fail the evil person’s motive. Ratan and Diya perform on a song by taking disguise. They conceal their identities. Ratan makes the guests out and saves their lives. Diya diverts the imposter by her dance moves. The police reaches the place and takes control of the situation. Ratan and Diya smartly fail the imposter’s plans and save innocent lives.

Imposter tells the family that they are emotional fools, their emotions have helped him fulfill his motives. He says Diya is the only smart one here, but this doesn’t mean she can save you all. The family gets a huge shock on knowing the imposter’s dangerous motives. Diya is trained to face such situation. She fulfills her duties towards them.

Imposter had been lying to the family about Ratan’s identity. The family regrets to doubt on Ratan. The imposter gets trapped by Diya and Ratan’s planning. The imposter sees the police reaching close. He shoots at Diya. Diya gets back to her action avatar. She shoots at imposter to fail his evil intentions. Diya protects the family from the enemies. She picks her gun after a long time. She gets Yash’s support to deal with the terrorists. Imposter tells Diya that there is no need for bloodshed, she is not his enemy, he doesn’t want to kill her, his enmity is with others. Diya doesn’t listen to him. She protects Ratan and Chote Thakursa. She asks them not to come out in between the firing. Chote Thakursa apologizes to Ratan for doubting on him. Ratan forgives and hugs him.

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