Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni to stay clueless about her past


Teni has lost her memory. She isn’t able to identify her love. Parth talks to Indu over call. He tells her that its not right to remind anything to Teni, it won’t be good for Teni to put pressure on her mind. He says its better for Teni if she has moved on in life, I don’t want to take any step for which I regret all my life, I will try my best to remind Teni our relation. He stays restless. He recollects his life moments with Teni. He gets sad. He feels the pain of losing his love.

Later, Parth meets Teni. They have a moment. Parth expresses love to her via eyes. He senses that she is recollecting their relation. She gets angry on him. She tells him that he has confused her by his words and she is feeling dizzy by overthinking. He asks her to relax. He reminds her their togetherness. He tells her that maybe things aren’t important to you, else you would have recalled it on your own. Teni upsets Iqbal’s aunty by mistake. Aunty complains to Iqbal about Teni’s misbehavior.


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