Kaleerein: Vivaan gets troubled by Meera-Roma’s clashes

Kaleerein: Vivaan-Meera succeed to defeat psychotic Sunny

Vivaan and Roma get leaving in their car. Meera angrily throws the water on the windscreen to stop Vivaan. Meera gives him another chance to argue. Vivaan wants to find out if his mum is really alive, why did she abandon him before. Roma doesn’t want Meera to prove the facts. She is wishing to control Vivaan like always.

Vivaan visits the NGO to know the truth. Roma accompanies him to stop him from finding anything. She creates hurdles in Vivaan’s way. Vivaan demands the NGO head to reveal everything about his mum’s past. The man lies to Vivaan about his mum. Vivaan feels his mum had left him and his sister at a young age for her own selfish motives. He gets sorrowful knowing his mum’s past.

Vivaan gets hitting the punching bag and gets his frustration out. He gets stuck between Roma and Meera’s arguments. He doesn’t know who is true between Roma and Meera.

His ears get aching when Roma and Meera start firing at each other in front of him. He gets fed up seeing their fight. He asks them to keep him away from their personal problems. Later on, Meera plays Kabaddi in her sleep. She kicks down Vivaan the bed and shouts out. Vivaan gets angry and tells her that he won’t get her kicks now. He asks her if she is mad to play kabaddi on the bed. Meera misses her Kabaddi game. He asks her to sleep well. He tolerates her and goes away to sleep somewhere else.


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