Savitri Devi College and Hospital: Sanchi to expose Kabir’s plotting

troubles for sanchi

Veer was blamed for the kidney theft before. Veer’s innocence gets proved by Sanchi. She has found the real culprit. She exposes the culprit in front of the panel. Sanchi tells Jaya that Veer is innocent. She asks the doctors panel to punish the real culprit. She tells them that it was all a plotting to frame Veer, the real culprit is Dr. Kabir. She scolds Kabir for lying to everyone. Kabir denies the blames. The panel asks her for the evidence against Kabir. Sanchi shows the fingerprints reports and proves Kabir’s crime.

Kabir says you have not trusted me again, don’t make this mistake, Veer has trapped me in this mess to save himself. Sanchi stops him. Veer accuses Kabir over their past differences. He says Kabir is angry because of Sanchi and my relation, this doesn’t mean Kabir will stoop so low to take revenge. Kabir asks Veer not to say anything further. He tells Jaya that he knows her decision, he is resigning from the duty. Kabir loses his cool. Kabir leaves the hospital. Veer thanks Sanchi for finding the culprit and saving more lives from the illegal racket.



  1. Savitri Devi College & Hospital episodes are dragging & boring. Very silly reasonn . How can Sachi sarifice & tolerate so much torture. Very unreasonable. These things don’t happen at all. Please divert the next episodes. Its becoming boring.


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