Naamkarann: Neil and Avni to make a hearty apology

Avni breaks down Neil apologizes

Neil’s lawyer insults Avni in the court. The lawyer comments on her character. He tells the court about Avni’s clever plot to play her murder drama. He holds her responsible for cheating Neil. He tags her characterless, who had an affair with Vidyut. Avni breaks down hearing the bad insulting words. The lawyer tells the court that Avni can’t raise Mogli, she should not get the responsibility of a child. Neil objects when he finds Avni hurt. He asks the lawyer not to humiliate Avni. He tells the court that Avni isn’t of bad character. He clears the matter that Vidyut was obsessed with Avni. He tells them that Avni was a good wife and she is a good mother. He doesn’t want his lawyer to taunt on her moral character. Avni gets thankful that Neil took a stand for her, but she makes a leave from the court in a heartbroken state.

Mitali asks Neil to call Avni and explain him. Neil tells her that he wants to meet Avni to apologize to her. He wants to clear that he isn’t involved in the lawyer’s gimmicks. She asks him to keep in her friend’s party. She wants to introduce him to her friends. She asks Neil not to repeat his mistakes. She doesn’t want him to just give her hopes and then backlash. Neil promises to meet her friends at the function. Neil gets finding Avni. He looks for her everywhere. Neil meets Mogli. He asks them about Avni. Mogli scolds him for upsetting Avni again. He demands Neil to find Avni. Neil assures Mogli that he will come back with Avni soon. Neil recollects his happy moments with Avni. He hopes to find her soon.


Mitali awaits Neil. She comes to check for him at home. She doesn’t find Neil. She gets upset when Neil doesn’t turn up for the function. Shweta asks Mitali to give some time to Neil. Mitali doesn’t leave hope. Her friends gather up. Mitali feels odd when Neil breaks her hopes. Neil finds Avni at the spot where they first met. He apologizes to her. He tells her that he didn’t ask the lawyer to say all that. He feels they have lost everything, while they used to fight against the world before.

She tells him that either of them will be winning Mogli’s custody. He feels sorry to hurt her. He tells her that he will always respect her principles. She feels hurt that she is always disowned by her family. She doesn’t want to keep any hopes from him. She tells him that he should move on and not feel ashamed of anything related to their past. She apologizes to him for her decisions, which were wrong for his future. Avni gains courage to fight for Mogli’s custody.


  1. Plz don’t off air nk it’s such a nice serial n it’s story line is very close to what’s happening to the girls n the role aditi (avni) plays is an inspiration to all the women an e.g.. to fight against the odds in their life by being strong n the role which lead make play Zain Iman ( neil) play is a encouragement for boys to support the girls in their difficult moments n help them to fight against all injustice pls listen to our plea n give axtention to the show or change the channel. Plzzz post this msg to all responsible of putting this show in this condition of going off air

  2. Please naamkarann ki off sir mat karo !! This show is a true inspiration . Indian TV industry main bauhaut kam aese aache shows bante hai jo girl power Ka ek true example hote hai . It had inspired many girls and not only girls but every body to fight for their rights. Such shows should not be off aired. Please don’t do so . It’s a humble request ….


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