Kaleerein (PicFiction): Vivaan to shatter Meera’s hopes and heart

Kaleerein: Meera and Vivaan to get remarried

Vivaan and Meera have a heated argument. They end up hurting each other unknowingly. Vivaan breaks Meera’s hope. He raises a hand on her. She gets emotional after the ugly chapter. She was thinking Vivaan is becoming her friend. She didn’t expect their relation to take such a turn. Everything was going smooth before their angry confrontation. She feels she shouldn’t keep any relation with Vivaan, who doesn’t respect her. She gets hurt by the glass pieces. Vivaan hurts himself in anger. They both get heartbroken. Vivaan leaves her alone to shed tears.

Amaya tells Vivaan that Meera is snobbish and kiddish, but she doesn’t compromise with her principles, she is morally right always. She says Meera is a nice girl, you will get many reasons to become a good husband for Meera.

She makes Vivaan realize his mistake. Vivaan goes back to apologize to Meera. He finds her broken down. He tries to console her. Meera asks him to stay away and not try to talk. He feels he has done wrong to slap her. He then slips in guilt. He injures his hand for punishing himself. Meera gives up on her efforts to bring out his mum’s truth. She decides to end her relations with Vivaan. What will Vivaan do now? Keep reading.


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