Shakti: Sameer to protect Soumya from Harak’s aide

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Harman goes in depression and asks Pandit if a person can unite with their loved ones after death. Pandit says that dead persons’ souls can unite. Harman decides to die to meet Soumya. Pandit says you need psychological help. Preeto and Jasleen get worried for Harman. Harak Singh has planned fake rumour about Soumya’s death, and pushed his son in depression.

Meanwhile, Soumya thinks to do something for Sameer and his mum and cooks breakfast for them. Sameer’s mum gets angry seeing her in kitchen and scolds her asking her to leave immediately. Soumya gets upset and cries. Sameer tries to pacify Soumya and asks her not to feel bad. Soumya tells him that people behaved badly with her and made or break relations with her according to their liking. She was always taken for granted by many people. She tells about the discrimination she had faced since her childhood and tells him that she will stay in his shop. She decides to leave his home.

Soumya faces another problem. Harak learns Soumya is alive. He sends his aide Kishanlal to find Soumya. Kishanlal visits Sameer’s house. He spots Soumya there. She sees him and realizes he is sent by Harak. She dons a ghunghat and hides her identity. Kishanlal doubts on her and says you are Soumya right, show me your face. Sameer reaches there. He lies that she isn’t Soumya, but his wife. He gets a little kid and says this is my son, my wife just time passes at the shop, she doesn’t look after my kid, she doesn’t feed him love on time, she should love the kid. He makes a story to send off Kishanlal.

He asks Kishanlal to leave if he isn’t buying any toy. He says you are staying here as if you are watching any movie. He scares Kishanlal about his son’s dangerous side. Kishanlal goes away. Sameer thought Soumya is feeling uncomfortable and avoiding Kishanlal, so he stepped in to help her on time. Sameer helps Soumya. Their friendship gets stronger. Harman learns that Soumya is in Ludhiana. He informs Preeto about Soumya’s survival. Preeto gets glad and tells him that she will also accompany him in his search.

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