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Jiji Maa:
Falguni and Uttara have a showdown again. Uttara gets troubled when the workers strike at the factory in Ambua. Falguni has encouraged the workers to oppose Uttara and her corrupt officers. Falguni and everyone sit and have a protest. They pressurize Uttara to accept their demands. Uttara asks the people to think of their own good, then following a handful of workers. She says such bunch of people are opposing me for their greed and rights, they will make you all lose jobs as well. She asks the people not to get instigated by Lazer.

Lazer asks the people not to believe Uttara, who wants to turn them into slaves. Lazer wants the artists to register their company and sell their work by their own names. She tells the artists that they can outdo Uttara by running their own business. The workers agree with Lazer. Uttara finds hard to convince the workers.


Dadi comes home and realizes that someone is living with the family, by a fake identity. She tells everyone that the old lady isn’t her friend. Everyone gets doubting on the old lady. Khanna has accused her to be a thief before. They were thinking if the old lady wanted to loot them. The lady speaks up when Shivay demands an answer. Shivay gets much angry and takes a decision. Dadi and Shivay ask the lady about her real motives to enter their house. The lady reveals the reason, which turns everyone emotional. There is much emotional drama going on. Shivay summons the lady’s son and daughter-in-law. He gets angry on the couple, who didn’t value their elders. Dadi’s fake friend who had been living in Oberoi mansion by lying to everyone, speaks out the real motive. She tells Shivay that she is much tortured by her son and daughter-in-law, she was helpless to leave the house and find another shelter.

Udaan: Vivaan tries to kill Suraj and Chakor. He reaches them at night to take advantage of the darkness. Saanvi cries out and wakes up Suraj and Chakor. They realize Vivaan’s presence in the room. They find him attempting to kill them. Vivaan hides his intentions. He tells them that he has come to meet Saanvi. Chakor asks Vivaan to take Saanvi in his lap. Vivaan hugs Saanvi and feels connected to her. Vivaan ends his thought to kill Suraj and Chakor. He changes his mind and makes a quick leave. Suraj and Chakor get concerned for Vivaan. Suraj tells Chakor that they have to care for Vivaan and know if he is bothered.


Soumya gets to see Harman and Jasleen finding her. Jasleen gets hurt. Harman lifts Jasleen and takes her. Soumya runs after them. She hides and sees them together. She gets mistaken when Jasleen tells everyone that she has married Harman, she is Harman’s wife. Harman tells them that Jasleen is a modern girl, she doesn’t have any mangalsutra or sindoor, but she is his wife, times have changed, women aren’t even wearing sarees post marriage. They lie to end some people’s objection.


Aditya wants to trouble Zoya any way. Aditya leaves from office when some important clients come for a meeting. Zoya gets helpless to attend the clients alone, even when she is unprepared. She gets in big tension. She hurriedly prepares for the presentation. She is much stuck in the official work. Zoya wants to get the deal to save the sinking company. Aditya learns about the important clients waiting for him. He wishes the best of luck to the staff and tells that he won’t attend anyone. Zoya control her fears. She gains courage to give the presentation. She projects her company as a successful one.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Amyra is upset with Sikandar and Lovely. She feels they aren’t giving her much importance which she deserves. She sees Sikandar bonding with Kulfi. Kulfi tells Sikandar that she isn’t scared of anything. Lovely asks Amyra to let Kulfi be their guest in a good way, let Kulfi have breakfast with them. Kulfi sees Lovely with Amyra, and recollects Nimrat. She misses her mum. Sikandar cheers up Kulfi. He tells her that he will make special dish for her today. Sikandar and Mahendra make the dish for Kulfi. Amyra gets jealous and leaves from the dining table.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya gets shot when she is held captive by Mithi and goons. Mithi tortures the family. She throws the first aid kit inside the hot water. She asks Ratan to put his hand in the hot water if he wants the medical kit for Diya’s aid. Ratan doesn’t think anything and gets the kit. His hand gets burnt. He doesn’t care for himself. He does the aid to Diya’s wound. Mithi forces Chote Thakursa to dance. Police reaches the place. Mithi threatens them. She wants to make an easy escape by using them as hostage.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki returns to Tetar Singh’s house. She keeps her new demands, which initiates an argument between Anaro and Dadi. Dadi was worried for Nimki, who has missing since few days. Anaro gets angry when she finds Dadi caring for Nimki. She doesn’t want Dadi to worry for their enemy. She says I will not do Nimki’s aarti, its not good if Nimki came back. Dadi says I just want to ask Nimki, where was she till now. She asks Anaro to calm her mind, else she will send her to Maayka. Tetar tells them that everyone is believing him, the matter got solved now, this happened just because Nimki has returned home.

Rituraj tells them that Tetar is receiving much honor from the villagers. Nimki doesn’t want anyone to defame her. She plans to get back into action and take things under control. Nimki tells Dadi that she had gone for an adventure, Nahar Singh was troubling her and she had to hide from him to save her life. She asks Dadi to make some special dish to celebrate her home coming. Anaro refuses to celebrate.


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