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Leela pressurizes Sejal to don her look and shock the family. Sejal takes Leela’s avatar and starts troubling the family like Leela used to do. Sejal gets threatened. She is doing the drama to save Susheel’s life. Sejal faints down. Kali gets worried for her. Satya and everyone make a plan to distract Leela. Satya and Sarthi understand that Leela is using the cameras to keep an eye on them. He is doing everything to trace the location from where the cameras are used.

Satya also learns that Leela is alive after hearing her voice on the earphone. He tells Sarthi that he will help her catch Leela. He learns Leela is at home, hiding somewhere and kidnapped Susheel as well. Leela threatens the entire family to do as she tells them to, else she will kill Susheel. Satya wants Susheel to get justice. He promises to nab Leela and get justice for Susheel.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Ishita break down after knowing Adi’s involvement in the big scam against Raman. Raman tells her that Adi is the one who has defamed him for the sake of money. Ishita sheds tears, feeling she has failed to give good upbringing to Adi. Adi has gone on a wrong path, which shatters them. Aaliya confronts Adi, when he sends her the divorce papers. Ishita can’t believe it. She asks Aaliya not to worry, she will talk to him. Mani and Shagun come to meet Bhallas. They learn about Adi’s affair with Roshni, and his move to file for divorce. Mani and Shagun support Aaliya. Mani tells Raman that Adi has tagged Aaliya characterless in order to get divorce from her. He gets too raging and asks them to call Adi to answer them.

Piyaa Albela: Kunal comes to Vyas Mansion and creates a big scene. Shivani asks Pooja to make a big revelation. Pooja tells everyone that the rapist uses citrus perfume. They wonder who uses such perfume. Pooja reveals that Naren uses it. Shivani smirks and tags Naren’s guilty of Meghna. Everyone gives mixed reactions. Naren asks Pooja to tell if she believes him. He asks her if Meghna’s one statement has broken her trust which she has on him? Pooja cries thinking what to do. However she shows belief on Naren and tells Shivani that someone wants to mislead them and that’s why used the perfume fragrance which is used by Naren. Pooja decides to go to the temple and find answers for her questions. She determines to prove Naren’s innocence and catch Meghna’s criminal. Kunal gets infuriated on Naren.

Tu Aashiqui:

Ahaan and Pankti are unaware of the new troubles coming in their lives. She doesn’t want anyone to create hurdles in their love. Pankti gets hurt. She gets saved by Ahaan. She asks him why does anyone always steal her happiness and good moments. She wants to have a normal life. Ahaan promises her that he will always secure her. Reyansh is the new villain in their lives, who wants to ruin their love tale.

Kumkum Bhagya:

King hits Abhi’s car due to rash driving and gets arrested by the police. Varun who has been following King, informs Pragya about his arrest. Pragya reaches the police station. Abhi also comes there for some reason, and sees Pragya there. He gets happy and emotional seeing her, as she comes to talk to Inspector about King. Before Abhi could come to Pragya, she informs Inspector that she is King’s wife when asked. Abhi gets a huge shock and thinks Pragya has gone far away from him. He takes his steps back oblivious to the truth that she is King’s manager and has been lying to Inspector to free him.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara takes Amaan to the hospital after he faints during his fasting hours. Zara gets too concerned for the little boy. Doctor tells them that Amaan needs to have food. Zara asks Amaan to have juice. Kabeer stops her from feeding juice to Amaan. She asks the reason. He tells her that Amaan’s fast will break, Zeenat doesn’t want this. She says Amaan will get ill if he doesn’t eat anything, he can’t continue the fast. Kabeer tells her that its a sin to break someone’s fast against will. Zara and Zeenat have a conflict by their different opinions. Zara tries hard to explain Zeenat. She asks Zeenat to understand that Amaan is falling ill. She says you should first think of your son’s health. Zeenat doesn’t listen. Zara expected Kabeer to understand her and stop Zeenat. Kabeer doesn’t help her. He tells Zara that Amaan can have food once his fast completes. Zara feels they are being unfair with Amaan.


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