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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Jiji Maa:
    Uttara’s enemy learns Falguni’s truth. He tells her that he is her well wisher, who has come to support her in the battle against Uttara. He is also hurt because of Uttara. He asks Falguni not to run away or get scared of him, as he knows she is Uttara’s bahu who has taken Lazer’s disguise. She tries to lie to him. She then believes him and reveals her identity to him. He tells her that he knows Uttara’s crimes and wants to prove it to Suyash. He is actually the family lawyer’s son, who was much humiliated by Uttara before.

    Falguni meets Naren and Suman to encourage them. Naren tells her that he has got a bank loan and will soon get all the raw materials for their work. He thanks her for showing him a new path of freedom and happiness. Falguni asks him to stay happy with his wife. Falguni gets Suyash’s call. He asks her to come home and collect the money from him. She tells him that she is too busy and she would come later. Suyash wants to meet her.


    Shivay scolds Khanna when the latter blames Devyaani for stealing Rudra’s gadgets. Shivay gets angry when the elderly lady is blamed. He apologizes to her and also makes Khanna apologize. Devyaani tells them that she has made the icecreams for them. She enjoys the family time with them. Rudra gets more engaged with his gadgets.

    Devyaani takes away the gadgets from them. When Dadi calls Shivay, Devyaani fears that her truth would come out. She gets saved as Shivay fails to talk to Dadi. She tells them that she visits many houses of her friends and gets to know many things. Rudra asks the family about his gadgets. Khanna tells them that Devyaani has stolen the gadgets and this time he has a proof too. Rudra understands someone has stolen the gadgets to lower his eye strain. Khanna feels sorry to blame Devyaani again. He tells them that he has a video which will clear their doubts. Devyaani worries when the video gets seen. Khanna tells them that Devyaani is acting fishy.


    Naira’s surprise for Kartik goes on. She sets up a romantic ambience for him. Kartik can’t stop himself from rejoicing the love of his sweet wife. Naira wants to end his birthday on a good note. She shows him his best birthday gift, that she got his name tattooed on her neck. He asks her why did she bear the pain. She asks him to accept her gift and know that they will never get separated. They romance while finishing his birthday well. The drug dealers reach the farm house to check on Shubham, who is in a bad state already. Naira gets to see the drug dealers. She doesn’t want Shubham to fall in any problem again. She tells them that she will not spare them if anything happens to Shubham. Naira doesn’t see Shubham’s condition. She runs after the goons.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman and Ishita learn about Adi and Roshni’s affair. Adi is then confronted by Aaliya, who learns about his affair. Shagun has tried to normalize the matter before the news reached Aaliya. Even then, nothing gets concealed from the family, who gets raging on knowing Adi’s bad deeds. Adi has already upset the family by joining hands with Suraj. Raman has learnt this truth and also shared the news with Ishita. They regret for having such a son, who is defaming Raman. Raman confronts Adi for cheating Aaliya. He then asks him about the partnership with Suraj, who is their enemy. Adi accepts his affair and also his crimes to send Raman behind jail by running the illegal business.


    Neil meets Avni and breaks down. He apologizes to her for not understanding her. He tells her that he has thrown anger on her, but she has hidden her sufferings from him for years. He tells her that he has learnt the truth about Prakash-Vidyut and Neela’s murder connection. He asks her why did she not tell him about saving Prakash. He tells her that she could have told him about it. She tells him that its all fate, she couldn’t save Prakash, if she told the truth to him. She didn’t wish Prakash to end in life with guilt. She apologizes to Neil and tells him that she has done everything for him and his family. Neil gets grateful to her. They spend some sweet moments together, where they express their sorrow, pain and love. Miali calls him up. She asks Neil to go to Mitali and marry her to keep his promise.


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