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Sameer is getting concerned for Soumya. He protects her from Kishan Lal and conceals her identity by regarding her as his wife. He asks Soumya to forget Harman and move on in live. He suggests her to consider for remarriage. Soumya gets upset. Sameer makes it clear that he is not telling anything against Harman and shows hopes that she might get a good guy unlike him. He tells her that she has both beauty and brain and can run business well, so nobody will refuse to marry her. He asks if she thinks Harman will return to her. Soumya gets emotional and thinks of Harman and Jasleen’s marriage.

Piyaa Albela:

There is a confusion in Vyas Mansion about the real rapist. Both Naren and Rahul are suspected by the Police, when Naren refuses to divulge details of his stay during the hours when crime was committed. Shivani is about to arrest Naren, when Surbhi finds citrus fragrance perfume bottle and accuses Rahul to be guilty. Pooja gets clueless as Rahul was in front of her eyes all the time. Inspector Shivani tells that it is both brothers’ crime and arrests both of them. Pooja gets clued about something and stops Shivani from arresting them.


Vivaan takes time to settle in the haveli. He acts weird on seeing the home made food and comforts. He can’t handle all the happiness at once. He gets pampered by Suraj and Chakor. When Vivaan sits to dine, he hears Imli’s name from Chakor. He gets worried and reacts angrily. Vivaan wants to take revenge from Imli. He is sure that Imli is alive. Suraj doesn’t think Imli is around them. Suraj cares for Vivaan. He asks Chakor not to stress Vivaan more by taking Imli’s name. Vivaan realizes the dish is prepared by Imli. He tells Suraj and Chakor that Imli is at home, she has cooked the food. He tells them that he can’t forget the food taste made by her. Suraj pacifies his fears.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi and King meet with an accident with each other’s car and gets arrested. Pragya comes to bail out King. When Abhi sees Pragya’s handkerchief in the police station, he realizes her presence. He asks Constable about her, by showing the handkerchief. Constable tells that woman went to meet Inspector. Pragya argues with Inspector that King is innocent. Abhi then sees Pragya talking to Inspector, and referring herself as King’s wife. Abhi gets shattered and thinks everything came to an end between them.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan rescues Diya and comes in front of Imposter Deepu. He confesses love to Diya when she questions him why did he come when she asked him not to come. Ratan confesses his love to her and tells that he can’t live without her. Diya and Ratan make a plan to trap Imposter. Ratan asks Diya to tell Imposter Deepu about Iric whereabouts, so that he lets them free. He tells Diya that he wants to live with her. Diya refuses at first as planned, but later agrees. They hatch a plan to trap terrorists and rescue foreigners and family members.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

The locality women protest against Vedika. They barge inside the house and ask Vedika to stop her shameless act. Vedika and her mum stop the women, who taunt Vedika for being characterless. Vedika gets to see Arya’s pub’s video. Sahil had permitted Arya to go to the pub, where Arya has danced with some guys. The dance MMA spreads out. Vedika holds Sahil responsible for this. Vedika goes to slap her daughter, but Sahil stops her. Sahil handles the women and asks them not to judge any girl by such stupid videos. Sahil sends away the women.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth and Iqbal try hard to make Teni recover their lost memories. Teni doesn’t regain her memory. Teni falls unconscious. Doctor checks her. He treats her. He tells the family that Teni didn’t regain her memories, and their last attempt also failed. Parth and Indu worry for her. Iqbal is ready to sacrifice his love. He tells Parth that he will wait till Teni regains her memory, so that she can decide whom to marry and whom she loves. He wants Teni to get absolutely fine. He wants to leave the decision on her. Parth sheds tears seeing Teni’s vulnerable state.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:

Anushka and Siddhant have buried their past bitterness and coming closer. Siddhant comes to know Anushka didn’t lie many years ago when they broke up. He apologizes to her for being rude. She misses Siddhant and visits his home to meet him. She calls him and asks him to be at home and spend time with family members on Sunday. They arrange a meet.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Varun and Devika’s romance will be seen. They decide to get married again. They light the diyas together. They understand their important in each other’s life. They feel they should unite as they can’t live without each other. They want to become inseparable. They dance romantically. They make love vows.


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