Naamkarann: Moments of understanding and solace for AvNeil


Neil meets Avni and breaks down. He apologizes to her for not understanding her. He tells her that he has thrown anger on her, but she has hidden her sufferings from him for years. He tells her that he has learnt the truth about Prakash-Vidyut and Neela’s murder connection. He asks her why did she not tell him about saving Prakash. He tells her that she could have told him about it. She tells him that its all fate, she couldn’t save Prakash, if she told the truth to him. She didn’t wish Prakash to end in life with guilt.

Avni apologizes to Neil and tells him that she has done everything for him and his family. Neil gets grateful to her. They spend some sweet moments together, where they express their sorrow, pain and love. Mitali calls him up. She asks Neil to go to Mitali and marry her to keep his promise.

Neil and Avni feel the separation and shed tears. They feel they are getting distant forever. Mogli joins the kids back at home and gets happy. Neil proceeds in his life, while his heart is still inclined to Avni. Prakash asks Avni to think again before leaving from Neil’s life forever. Avni wants to go away so that she doesn’t come back in Neil’s life in any way. She doesn’t want Mitali to get insecure because of her. She tells Prakash that she will always be close and would come to meet them whenever they miss her. Neil and Mitali attend their pre-marriage functions. Neil misses out Avni.

He realizes his love for Avni all over again and again. Mitali too understands Neil’s feelings for Avni and asks him if he is sure to move on. Neil hides his true emotions from her and ensures her that they will be happy. Avni tells Mogli that they are a happy and normal family, just like they wanted. Neil tells Mitali that he will keep his promise of marrying her. Mitali asks him to think about Avni again and go back to reconcile with her. Neil gets in a dilemma over reaching Avni.


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