Piyaa Albela: Naren’s silence to cover up a big truth


Shivani interrogates Naren by making him away from his family members. Pooja asks Meghna to save Naren. Everyone wants to get justice for Meghna. Shivani beats Naren in front of the family. She asks Pooja to stay away from Naren, else they can communicate via eye gestures. She doesn’t want Naren to get any help from Pooja. Pooja asks Naren to swear on her and tell them that he is innocent. She asks Naren why is he silent, when he is accused for such a big crime. Naren doesn’t want to say anything as he is helpless. He asks Pooja to understand his silence. Pooja tells him that some times words are necessary to keep their opinion.

There are many chaos at home. He tells Pooja that he is silent for some reason. Surbhi falls sick while the drama continues. The ladies take Surbhi away. Pooja asks Naren to answer them and void all the questions. She tells him that his silence will create many troubles for the problems. Pooja tells Shivani that Naren’s silence doesn’t mean he is the culprit. She asks Naren to tell them about his presence.

Naren doesn’t want to reveal anything. The family’s doubt on Naren gets high. Harish asks Naren what’s the matter that he is ready to take such a big crime on his head. He asks Naren not to be so foolish and just tell them the truth. Surbhi manages to reach Shivani. She tells Shivani that Naren is innocent, Rahul is the culprit, as she has got an evidence against them. Shivani arrests Rahul and Naren. Rahul denies the blames, while Naren is silent on his stand. Meghna breaks down by the trauma. She is scared of all the happenings. She feels her blindness is a big weakness. She is forced to leave the city. Naren is hiding a big truth, which Pooja gets clued about. Naren and Rahul bash up Kunal and scold him for hurting Meghna after committing the crime. Meghna tells Naren that Kunal is innocent, and she can prove this. She asks Naren not to accuse Kunal, as he can never stoop so down. She shows her belief in Kunal. Will Pooja prove Naren’s innocence? Keep reading.


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