Udaan: Vivaan to suspect Imli’s presence in haveli


Vivaan takes time to settle in the haveli. He acts weird on seeing the home made food and comforts. He can’t handle all the happiness at once. He gets pampered by Suraj and Chakor. When Vivaan sits to dine, he hears Imli’s name from Chakor. He gets worried and reacts angrily. Vivaan wants to take revenge from Imli. He is sure that Imli is alive. Suraj doesn’t think Imli is around them. Suraj cares for Vivaan. He asks Chakor not to stress Vivaan more by taking Imli’s name. Vivaan realizes the dish is prepared by Imli. He tells Suraj and Chakor that Imli is at home, she has cooked the food. He tells them that he can’t forget the food taste made by her. Suraj pacifies his fears.

Suraj tells Vivaan that Imli is not in haveli. He asks Vivaan not to worry and stay happy. Chakor and Vivaan will try to find Imli. Imli gets alert when Vivaan suspects the maid Archana. Imli is present as Archana in the haveli. Vivaan demands her to show her face by removing the veil to clear his doubt.

Imli refuses to show her face. She sees help from Chakor, who lets her go. Chakor tells Vivaan that she has hired Archana to look after Saanvi. Vivaan stays stressed about Imli. He spies on Archana. Chakor and Vivaan have an argument. Vivaan tells her that Imli is really here. Chakor also feels the same. She wants Suraj to believe them. Chakor takes care of Vivaan. She helps him adjust with new things. Chakor is hopeful that Vivaan will get fine soon.

Vivaan eats the food in a super fast weird way. He has forgotten all his sophistication and manners. Suraj asks him to feel comfortable by seating himself on the chair. Suraj wants to change Vivaan gradually. He tells Chakor that they have work hard after Vivaan, so that they normalize him.

Vivaan gets a threatening call from some lady, who asks him to kill Suraj and Chakor. He thinks its Imli and asks the lady to come in front and stop playing the games. Vivaan tells the lady that he won’t kill Suraj and Chakor, as he has met Saanvi too. He is reminded the tortures in the cell. He again starts behaving abnormally. He tells the lady that he will do anything to meet her and settle scores. He is not able to judge his behavior and senses, because of the traumas. Suraj and Chakor are much concerned for him. They know Vivaan has lost himself even then his life got saved. Chakor wants to make him mentally sound again. Will Suraj and Chakor succeed in their task? Keep reading.



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