Piyaa Albela: Pooja to prove Naren’s innocence

Pooja tries to find Naren

Pooja and Naren go against their own family to get justice for Meghna. Inspector Shivani has an enmity with Naren and threatens him. Everyone suspect Rahul seeing his sherwani button missing, Naren beats him while he pleads for innocence. Pooja confirms to Police that Rahul was with her as they went out to get garlands. Shivani checks the CCTV footage of the roads from where their car had passed and gives clear chit to him. Rahul gets thankful to Pooja for saving him and makes his relation fine with Naren. Surbhi and Dadi get hopeful that Rahul will accept his daughter. Meghna gains consciousness and tells Pooja that the she felt citrus perfume smell from the rapist. Pooja gets shocked.

Kunal comes to Vyas Mansion and creates a big scene. Shivani asks Pooja to make a big revelation. Pooja tells everyone that the rapist uses citrus perfume. They wonder who uses such perfume. Pooja reveals that Naren uses it. Shivani smirks and tags Naren’s guilty of Meghna. Everyone gives mixed reactions.

Naren asks Pooja to tell if she believes him. He asks her if Meghna’s one statement has broken her trust which she has on him? Pooja cries thinking what to do. However, she shows belief on Naren and tells Shivani that someone wants to mislead them and that’s why used the perfume fragrance which is used by Naren. Harish, Hardik and Danish suspect Naren as he went somewhere when the crime was committed. Pooja decides to go to the temple and find answers for her questions. She determines to prove Naren’s innocence and catch Meghna’s criminal. Kunal gets infuriated on Naren.


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