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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Chandra and Bismil plan an attack to loot the train of Britishers goods. They want the action to get successful to end their funds problem. Chandra gets more men to get backup in their goals. The group gets divided and takes their positions in the train. Bismil asks them not to shoot anyone unless necessary to save own life. VeerBhadra learns Chandra Shekhar Azad’s planning and informs the British Police about HRA group looting the train. Police warns VeerBhadra against giving him false information again. Bismil and Bakshi manage to pull the chain and stop the train. Bismil alerts the group about getting in action. He asks everyone to get down the train when they get the money bags. HRA gets the treasure. They complete the big task. Bismil signals everyone to leave the train and run away. Bismil’s identity gets close to get revealed. He falls in trouble when police reaches close.

    Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:

    Kanhaiya and Rocky meet Janki at office. Janki introduces Kanhaiya to the board of directors. He feels Kanhaiya is much skilled. Rocky raises hand on Kanhaiya, while the latter gives him a warning of never doing that again for his betterment. Kanhaiya challenges Rocky. He succeeds to expose Rocky in front of Janki for all the frauds and losses Rocky did with the company. Janki gets impressed with Kanhaiya like always. He chooses Kanhaiya as his company’s chief and heir, knowing Kanhaiya is the only one to save his property and business. This makes Rocky and Maya mad. Rathod gets to know about Maya’s evil plotting to kill Kanhaiya.

    He informs Kanhaiya about Maya and warns him about her evil. Daali doesn’t know why Janki always favors Kanhaiya over everyone else. She gets doubtful about Kanhaiya’s identity known to Janki, because of which Janki is relying on Kanhaiya. She decides to confront Janki about Kanhaiya. Janki faces Daali’s questions. He refuses to answer her. Daali tells him that she will find Kanhaiya’s truth soon.


    Shivay tells the family that Devyaani didn’t steal anything from home, except a family photo. He tells everyone that her motive isn’t clear, but she has served the family with love and care. Everyone tells Dadi that Devyaani has been good to them, she didn’t harm them and instead helped them in many ways. They miss Devyaani. Shivay tells them that he can trace Devyaani. He recollects her words and gets to track her down. He meets Devyaani’s house and gets to see the family pictures of many. Devyaani clarifies that she didn’t steal anything from Oberoi mansion. He tells her that he trusts her. She then tells him how she lives in people’s homes to live some of her unfulfilled dreams. She tells him that she has lived a good life in his house and gained much love from Oberois.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Naira contacts home and learns about the family coming home with Shubham. She gets a hope after talking to them that Shubham is fine. She feels Shubham should tell the truth to family today. She doesn’t think of the bad happening. The servants remove all the decorations and set things for Shubham’s funeral. The family cries for Shubham’s death. Everyone thinks of Naira, who is responsible for this. Naira reaches home and gets a big shock on seeing everyone in white clothes. She sees Shubham dead, and family mourning for him. She can’t believe her sight. Kartik and Suwarna get angry on Naira. She asks them what happened to Shubham all of a sudden. Manish gets in trauma. He stays silent. Kartik asks Naira why didn’t she tell them about Shubham’s drug addiction. She tells them that Shubham wanted to tell them the truth himself.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Shagun and Mani get angry when Adi sends a divorce notice to Aaliya. Raman and Ishita tell Mani that Aaliya won’t go from home, as they are supporting her. Ishita tells Mani that she will always be with Aaliya. She asks Aaliya not to leave them. She tells Shagun that they are also against Adi, they can never support Adi if he does anything wrong. Mani wants to take Aaliya home, but Raman doesn’t permit. Shagun asks Roshni not to let Adi know about her, else Adi can reach her. He assures to Roshni that she will be with her in the marriage ceremony. Roshni panics and gets scared of Adi. Shagun warns her that Adi can stop the marriage. Aaliya and Ishita decide to help Roshni as her family. Aaliya tells Ishita that she is sure to get involved. She regrets to be bitter towards Roshni, now when she knows that its Adi’s madness to get Roshni. She doesn’t support Adi’s obsession.

    Jiji Maa:

    Falguni meets Uttara as Lazer at home. She tells Uttara that she can relieve her neck sprain. She meets everyone in her new disguise. She twists Uttara’s neck and does home remedies to ease out her plan. Falguni and Niyati make a plan to teach a lesson to Uttara. Suyash hires Falguni for work. He asks Lazer to look after Uttara’s health.

    Nimki Mukhiya:
    Abhimanyu is upset with Nimki, as she has joined hands with Nahar Singh. He questions her about joining her enemies. He gets too angry in his speech. Nimki tries to explain him that she has to work with Nahar and Kundan for the welfare of the village. She asks Abhimanyu to think of the developments. He reminds how Nahar played with villagers’ life. She tells him that Tetar was defamed in the scam, she has to find proof in Tetar’s favor and send it to Babbu. He asks her if she is doing everything for Babbu Singh and in-laws. She taunts her for becoming a good Mukhiya in a political way. He asks her if she is just concerned for Tetar Singh.


    Prakash and Shweta have their different take on Neil’s life and future. Shweta wants Neil to marry Mitali and move on. Prakash tells her that Neil loves Avni and that’s his family. Neil also agrees that he loves Avni. Prakash asks Neil not to think about the divorce and remarry Avni. She asks Neil to think about Mowgli. He tells Neil that Avni is made for him. Neil goes to meet Avni. He feels they are destined to be together. He then finds Avni and Mowgli leaving. He decides to stay contend that Avni was part of his life before. Avni senses Neil around. Avni and Neil think of each other. They feel complete with each other. Avni doesn’t let his memories affect her decision to go away from his life for his betterment. Neil continues to miss her. His dilemma goes on. He stays sad and pretends to be happy in front of the family. Shweta reminds him that he is getting married to Mitali.


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