Dil Se Dil Tak going towards a closure; Parth-Teni to marry


There will be many twists and turns before the show takes a happy ending. Ipshita calls Teni as Maa. Teni gets emotional hearing a lovely word from her daughter. Teni then gets angry on Parth for plotting this by using a child. She asks Parth not to force her to accept him. She hugs Ipshita. She asks Ipshita not to spoil her mehendi. She asks Parth to manage his daughter. Iqbal and his mum get a big shock on knowing this link. She asks him to take a decision, does he want to go through this pain and still stay back. She says I can’t see you in such pain, I can’t accept Teni as your wife now.

She asks Iqbal to come with him, its time they should leave from Bhanushali house. Iqbal refuses to leave Teni. He doesn’t lose hope. He tells his mum that Teni wants to marry him, he can’t break her dreams by backing off. Indu feels Teni will find her connection with Ipshita. Seeing Teni’s anger, Indu tells Parth that they are failing to stop Teni and Iqbal’s marriage. Indu is trying hard to make Teni regain memory, as its about her son’s happiness. Parth doesn’t give up. Indu doesn’t want Parth to get hurt by his own hopes. Teni will be getting married to Parth before the show makes a closure.


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