Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to shatter by earning family’s hatred


Ishita meets Raman when she goes to meet Pihu at the juvenile home. Ishita gets a call from Bala and reminds him about the puja kept in the temple. Mihika recollects helping Raman with the arrangements. The families keep a good bond between them, while terms between Raman and Ishita get spoiled. Raman and Ishita get at loggerheads, while they get Pihu released after her punishment ends. Raman gets angry over Ishita. He blames her for killing Adi and ruining their family. He turns protective for Pihu. He doesn’t want Ishita to meet Pihu. He tells Ishita that Pihu will be just living with her.

Ishita doesn’t let Raman get away with Pihu. Pihu asks the reason for their fights. Raman tells Pihu that Ishita has killed Adi, and she isn’t living with them now. Ishita goes through Raman’s wrath. Raman tells her that Shagun saved her till now, but he won’t forgive her.

Pihu gets a big shock knowing Ishita has killed Adi. Ishita fails to explain him. Iyers get against Ishita as well. They can’t forgive Ishita as they have lost Adi forever. The family’s pain and sorrow to lose Adi don’t get less. They don’t understand Ishita’s judgement in that house. The families conduct the puja for Pihu’s come back. Raman tells Ishita that she should have not done this, she didn’t think about them before shooting Adi. Raman recollects the time when he lost Adi because of Ishita.

He scolds Ishita for killing Adi to save Roshni’s life. He asks how was Roshni related to them, that she killed their son for her. Ishita tells him that Adi was wrong and she couldn’t stand his crime. She asks him to understand her pain. Raman makes Ishita away from himself and family. He ends ties with Ishita. Ishita clarifies that she had to save Roshni’s life. Ishita gets hatred from everyone. No one agrees to forgive Ishita. Ishita fails to explain herself to family. Raman asks Ishita not to become a Goddess to do justice by killing people. He feels he is at fault to marry her and give his children’s responsibilities. He curses Ishita and tells her that she can never be a good mother. Pihu insists to live with Ishita. Raman doesn’t want Ishita to hurt his children again. He takes Pihu with him. He tells Ishita that he is sufficient to look after his children. Shagun and Raman develop a strong hatred for Ishita.


  1. this is the same old crap story which took place when ruhi went with nidhi nd pihu was raised by shagun…again same…pls end this …doesnot make sense to repeat the stories…

  2. Seriously…Never seen ishita n Raman together in any problem..Kahn ki mohabbatein…I used to love this serial…BT now the same repeated story ?

  3. Pls show smthg new and smthg good for ishita . repeatedly showing same story between Raman and ishita,Anythg bad happens in family ishita is blamed and Raman throws her out of his life and again the leap story and ishita is back in there life.ishita has no self respect kya.bullshit u r showing in the serial.pls end the story by happy ending don’t drag it with stupidity.The bad is bad forever .u r not revealing simo and params evil and in between u gave a twist ADI being evil and ended up in killing him.its u want us to believe all this shit really happens.


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