Ishqbaaz: Pregnancy rumors to create chaos in Oberoi family


Rudra is upset with the misunderstanding that he is going to become a dad. He leaves from the house. Bhavya tells Shivay that Rudra isn’t at home, he left from the house and was much tensed. Shivay and Omkara assure Bhavya that they will get Rudra home. They head to the pub to find Rudra. They find Rudra dancing and enjoying. They scold Rudra for troubling Bhavya and having fun at the pub. Rudra tells them that he is trying to get rid of his sorrow, his life is ruined now. He clears that he was trying to forget the shock by partying, he wants to live his life on his terms, but a disaster happened. Rudra cries out. They ask him what’s the matter. Rudra tells them that he is going to become a father.

Shivay and Omkara try to explain him that he should welcome fatherhood with all his heart and happiness, as its a blessing in disguise. Rudra gets scared to manage babies. He tells Shivay that he is also a kid till now, he isn’t ready to take up the responsibility. Shivay and Omkara create an Obro moment to cheer up Rudra. They show him that managing babies isn’t tough.

They manage some little babies, while singing and dancing in the park with the kids. Rudra also joins them. They ask Rudra to be careful and not show his upset face to Bhavya, who will get much hurt with his behavior. Rudra acts weird even when the brothers ask him to be happy. Shivay and Omkara take Rudra home. Rudra doesn’t tell Bhavya that he doesn’t want a baby. Bhavya isn’t aware of his misunderstanding. She then learns what is troubling Rudra. She decides to clear his misconception. Bhavya isn’t pregnant. Anika gets doubtful about her pregnancy. Dadi tells her Obahus that she wants to see children of her grandsons. She wants them to fulfill her wish soon. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra doubt that their wives are pregnant. The good news will be round the corner. The mystery about the pregnancy will be getting revealed.


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