Jiji Maa: Suyash to protect Falguni from Balwant’s attack


Uttara suspects Lazer to be Falguni. She asks Shom to call Falguni. Shom tells Uttara that Falguni isn’t Lazer. He gives a proof to Uttara. Uttara then talks to Falguni. Niyati fools Uttara by using Falguni’s voice recording. Uttara then believes that Falguni and Lazer are two people. Uttara gets tempted to end her hunger strike. She fails to eat anything. She asks the officer not to grant the cooperative. Falguni comes with a way to end Uttara’s hunger strike and make her support Teja. Falguni asks Uttara if she is eating food by lying to them about the hunger strike. She exposes Uttara by using the video recording. She blackmails Uttara. She then makes Uttara allow her officer to help the workers. Uttara gets helpless to support Lazer.

Uttara maintains that she always supports truth and this is her decision to support the workers. Falguni breaks Uttara’s hunger strike publicly. She tells Uttara that she will complete the formalities and then end the strike. Uttara gets angry with the failure. Falguni celebrates with the villagers.

Balwant gets raging seeing them. He plans to attack Lazer. He creates a scene to ruin their happiness. He tells them that he wants to become Shambu again. Falguni learns the big truth that Balwant is Shambu, whom she is finding since long.

Balwant attacks Lazer on Uttara’s command to kill her. Balwant throws down Lazer from the bridge. He feels she is dead now. He gets assured that he has killed Lazer. She wishes someone helps her and saves her life, so that she can reach Suyash and tell him the truth. Her blessings get answered. Suyash finds Lazer in trouble. Lazer falls down the bridge and shouts for help. Suyash reaches her in time. He rescues her by risking his life. He shows his humanity again. She gets grateful to him. She decides to tell him Uttara’s crime to frame Gayatri in the murder case.


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