Udaan’s big twist: Vivaan to kill Chakor and Suraj


Imli sends Sooraj to the doctor with a plan to make Saanvi her bandhua. Chakor tells Imli that very soon Suraj will know her plottings. Chakor manages to save Saanvi from Imli. Vivaan enters Suraj’s room with a gun, aiming to kill Chakor and him. Vivaan kidnaps Chakor and Suraj by making them unconscious. He gets them to the cliff and keeps them at gun point. He tells them that he has to kill them in order to reach the person who has kept him captive for years. Chakor asks Vivaan not to be mad. Vivaan gets compelled by the mysterious person, who sends a gun for him to kill Chakor and Suraj.

Vivaan is getting mad in revenge. He decides to take such a step which Chakor and Suraj never imagined. Vivaan wants to end their lives to reach his culprit. Chakor cries for the bad ending by her friend. She tells Vivaan that she trusted him, when Suraj didn’t. She explains that he can’t punish them for someone else’s crimes, they are his family, they always wished for his good, they are not the ones to think evil for him, they understand his pain.

Vivaan tells her that they don’t understand his pain, he has sworn to kill his enemy, who kept him as an animal, they have to die in order to find the culprit. She says there can be any other way to reach the culprit, killing us isn’t the solution.

He says there is no other way. He asks her to think of Saanvi, who will look after her. He says you both have to die. He has one agenda, that’s to meet the mysterious person. He tells Chakor that he will manage Saanvi, but he can’t spare their lives, he has to reach his enemy, who demanded him to kill them. Vivaan shoots Chakor and Suraj. Someone records this by phone. Vivaan wants to know the person blackmailing him.


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