Ishq SubhanAllah: A new negative entry to break Kabeer-Zara

Zara disappoint Kabeer

Zara gets arrested by police. She shouts for Kabeer. She is thrown inside the lockup. Zara didn’t expect she will be trapped in Kashmir this way. Kabeer doesn’t understand where did Zara go. Zara gets tortured by the lady constables. Zara tells them that its wrong, they can’t torture her this way, she has a right to know the reason of arrest. She doesn’t get any help. She has no idea why they are torturing her. She keeps asking them to call her husband. The cell mate also hurts Zara. Zara lands in big troubles. Zara experiences the trauma and sheds tears. She waits for Kabeer.

Kabeer reaches Shiraz’s house to find Zara. He meets someone with Shiraz’s identity. Kabeer denies to accept that the little boy is Shiraz. ACP Ghazal tells Kabeer that the man isn’t lying, he has given the evidences too. She tells him that they can’t find anything here. He asks Ghazal to find Zara. ACP Ghazal is Shiraz’s wife. She is taking revenge for Shiraz’s death. She dislikes Zara. She wants to see why was Zara special for Shiraz, why did Shiraz cheat her for Zara, why was he obsessed. She tortures Zara to vent out her frustration. Ghazal doesn’t let Kabeer know about Zara.


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