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Udaan: Chakor has seen Imli and knows her truth. Suraj isn’t ready to believe Chakor. He is fed up because of Chakor’s panicking state. He asks Chakor why does she always spoil his mood when he enjoys with Saanvi, why does she bring Imli between them. Suraj gets jealous of Vivaan, as Chakor is more concerned for the latter. He suspects Chakor to turn more caring towards Vivaan. Chakor tells Suraj that she will make his favorite dish today. She gets scared of Imli’s presence again. She tells Suraj that Imli is alive and even the pesticides didn’t affect her. Suraj asks her to stop it right away, he will not support her in madness.

Ye Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Sameer and Naina take part in the fresher’s party. They compete with others in the dance round. Sameer and Naina perform on stage. They bring their love in between the act. Sameer and Naina deliver the natural performance. She forgets a step and loses the round. Sameer wins the Mr. Fresher title. Naina gets upset that she couldn’t win the title of Miss. Fresher. Sunaina wins the title. She poses with Sameer. Naina gets cheered up for Sameer’s victory. Sameer and Naina’s college romance will be seen.


Soumya prepares for Vatsavitri puja. She is missing Harman. She doesn’t know how she will see Harman and break her fast. She wishes Harman meets her. Sameer accompanies Soumya when she shops for the puja items. She loves Harman a lot. She worries for his life and future. She is away from Harman and his family. She thinks of Harman all the time. Sameer tells Soumya that he will go Gurdaspur and find out Harman. Soumya doesn’t want him to go. Sameer and his mum convince her to let them help and find out Harman’s news.

Savitri Devi College and Hospital:

Everyone is troubled by Sanchi’s strange behavior. Sanchi has become Kabir’s puppet. She is helpless because of Sunny. She is agreeing to Kabir’s wrong demands. Jaya asks Sunny about the incident. She doesn’t want police to question Sunny about his friend’s death. Sunny panics seeing the police. Jaya gets worried and wonders why is police coming to question Sunny often. Sanchi feels bad that she isn’t able to handle Sunny’s matter.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara gets puzzled when she finds Ruksar happy in her haldi ceremony. Ruksar is happy and keeps a smile on her face all through the ceremony. Zara applies haldi to Ruksar. Kabeer’s mum asks Ruksar to visit Kashmir for her honeymoon, as the place has brought Kabeer and Zara together. Ruksar gets annoyed hearing this. Ruksar recollects the plotting she has done with Kabeer and Zara, by joining hands with Ghazal. Zara wants Ruksar to leave from the house soon. She feels Ruksar has something in her mind. Ruksar wants to avoid the marriage. She doesn’t want to get married. Zeenat objects that they shouldn’t keep marriage in Ramzan. Kabeer asks Zeenat not to say anything wrong if she has no idea about the customs. He wants Ruksar’s marriage to happen soon. Kabeer and Zara’s romance will be seen.

Aapke Aa Jaane Se:
Sahil and Vedika’s past birth love tale will be seen. Vedika performs as Mastani in Sahil’s palace. Sahil plays the King, while Vedika is his lover. Sahil and Vedika’s period romance will be seen. Sahil dreams of her. He gets mistaken that she has killed his dad. He goes to confess her love, but she stabs him with a sword. Sahil learns about the past birth by a fortune teller.

Jiji Maa:

Pandit ji tells Suyash about Uttara’s mannat, she wishes for her son’s happiness and made a big mannat to take all the miseries and pains in her side. Suyash asks pandit to explain Uttara not to do anything such. Pandit tells Uttara that he has done all the arrangements as she told him to. He lays the glass pieces. Uttara doesn’t listen to Suyash and walks on glass, while Suyash keeps his hands under her feet. Suyash gets wounded. Uttara sheds tears. She feels Suyash shouldn’t have hurt himself. She acts like a concerned mother. She asks driver to take Suyash to the hospital. Falguni tells Uttara that she will expose her soon. Uttara challenges her and tells Falguni that she will bring her secret out that she is Lazer. Uttara tells her that she will hurt Suyash if Falguni dares to come in her way again.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kirti and Naksh get a big task. Naksh takes care of all the family members. He feeds food to all the ladies, while they help Kirti in stitching the designer clothes. Singhanias don’t lose their courage. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani get their sewing machines to show their talents. They support Kirti to fulfill the clothes order given by Suwarna. Singhanias want Goenkas and their terms to get better. They want love to fill in their relations again. Kirti doesn’t want Suwarna to blame Singhanias for anything. Bhabhimaa tells Kirti that everything will get fine, Kirti just needs to cut the clothes and give them, they will manage the rest. Kirti unites with the family and overcomes with the problem. Kirti attempts to unite both the families. Kirti is sure that Suwarna will listen to her, once Singhanias fulfill the order.

Meera and Roma challenge each other. Meera burns a cloth and threatens Roma. She protects Amaya from Roma. She is ready to hurt Roma for Amaya’s sake. Meera tells Roma how she can ruin her life. She asks Roma not to underestimate her. Roma swears to ruin Meera’s life. Roma asks Meera to get ready to get burnt in the fire, as she will target her life. Meera tells Roma that she will not leave her if Roma does anything to Amaya. Rona wants to ruin Meera’s family and relations, along with her ego ad esteem. Meera and Roma’s game goes on.

Tu Aashiqui:
Reyansh gets into JD’s room, when Ahaan offers him the good stay. Ahaan shifts Reyansh from guest room. Reyansh gets waiting for Pankti. He promises Ahaan that there will be lots of blood shed in the story, as he has come back after fighting death. JD wants to ruin Ahaan and Pankti’s love story. He is sure that like he got back to his room, he will get back Pankti in his life too. Ahaan performs in Aparna’s birthday. He sings a romantic song for Pankti. He keeps a watch on Pankti. He gets jealous seeing her with Reyansh. He acts rude towards her when she comes to approach him. Pankti doesn’t understand his indifference. She tells him that she had gone with Reyansh to get the cake, she has planned a lot for Aparna. Ahaan doubts on Reyansh. The misunderstandings grow between them. Ahaan stays worried for Pankti. He wants her to understand his concern. He wishes Pankti stays away from Reyansh. Pankti and Ahaan have no idea that Reyansh is their biggest enemy JD.


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