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Jiji Maa:
Falguni cries as she has few days left in Rawat mansion. She thinks of her promise to Suyash. She gets their memories in mind. She recalls their old moments of love and togetherness. Suyash looks for Lazer. She hides in Suyash’s room. He asks her what is she doing in his room. She doesn’t understand how to convince Suyash. She kisses Suyash and expresses her love for him. She hugs him. He asks her what’s this misbehavior, what is she doing. He asks her did she lose her mind. She gets carried away by her love. She fulfills the promise as made to Suyash before. He gets angry on her. He makes her out of his room. He doesn’t realize that Lazer is Falguni. Falguni plans Lazer’s exit from Suyash’s life so that she can come back as Falguni.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Varun behaves childish and attacks Daksh’s mother. Varun doesn’t forget his love for Devika. He protects Devika from Daksh’s mum. He gets angry on the lady. He tells Daksh’s mum that he can’t tolerate anyone hurting Devika. He just listens to Devika. He strangulates Daksh’s mum and scolds her for hurting Devika. Devika stops Varun. She asks Varun to just do as she tells him, else she won’t talk to him. Varun leaves Daksh’s mum. Devika wishes Varun understands her situation and sufferings.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira have a meet in the college. Their emotions flow out in the form of tears and anger. They want to end their memories in heart. They still have love for each other. They had a huge fight to break the relations. Kartik gets much angry at her sight. Naira reaches home and ruins her room in anger. She cuts the college ID card and informs Naitik that she has decided of not attending the college. She doesn’t tell the reason to Naitik. She doesn’t want to visit Imperial college again.


Suraj is sure that Imli is dead. Chakor knows Imli is alive. She takes Suraj’s challenge to expose Imli. Chakor and Vivaan leave from the haveli to find Imli. They face some troubles on the way, but stay strong. Vivaan teases her by reminding the old moments. Chakor runs to beat him. He mocks her when she falls down by walking on the banana peel. He tells her that he got a chance to laugh after so many years, just because of Chakor. Chakor asks him to always smile. She wants Vivaan to become like old Vivaan. He asks her how did she fall down when she is a marathon runner. They have a laugh thinking of the good glorious and prosperous moments of their life.

Kulffi Kumar Bajewala:

Sikandar gets angry on Lovely and confronts her for using some child’s voice to get success for Amyra. She asks him what did he do for Amyra till now. She tells him that she will manage this always. He tells her that she won’t succeed by this deceive, Amyra’s life will get ruined doing such a crime. He asks her what will Amyra do, if she is called at the recording. She asks him not to worry, she will handle everything. She refuses to answer him. He asks her to answer him. He got to know that Amyra is stealing someone’s voice and cheating people to get fame. Lovely wants to make Amyra a star any way.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren asks Pooja to hide the proof somewhere at the safe place before the culprit reaches them. He knows that the culprit is having his eyes on their every movement and makes this plan to catch him. Pooja goes to the jungle while talking to Naren via blue tooth. She pretends to hide something and goes towards her car while talking to Naren. The culprit comes there holding a gun. Pooja sees his face and gets shocked. Before she could do anything or take his name, he shoots at her, leaving her injured. Pooja faints and falls down. It is yet to be seen if Naren would be able to save Pooja and get the real culprit arrested.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya come face to face soon and get emotional. Before they could talk and unite, King comes there and introduces Pragya as his wife. Abhi is left speechless and shocked. Although he had seen Pragya telling Inspector that she is King’s wife, but Abhi didn’t believe her. Pragya gets upset as King lies to Abhi.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:

Gayatri helps Karthik’s inlaws follow Brahmin rituals. Nupur gets agitated, but pretends to like the customs. She makes it clear that she will live her life her way. Siddhant searches for proofs against Karthik and thinks if Prabhakar had told him about Plane crash then things would have been easy for him. He finds the Reddy Corporation book which KK had given to Prabhakar. He sends Gayatri’s stuff to KK’s house and also sends bell with it. Sweety ji gives it to Gayatri.

Gayatri checks the bell and thinks what is it? Anushka recalls telling Siddhant that whoever loves her, will gift her bell which was shown in DDLJ film. She holds the bell and smiles. Meanwhile, Siddhant decides to follow Karthik as the latter get ready to go and meet the man who helped him. He determines not to leave Karthik if he is involved in aircraft sabotage and Prabhakar and Dinesh’s murder.

Tu Aashiqui:
Pankti arrives late in Aparna’s birthday. Ahaan and Pankti sort their differences and patch up again. Reyansh gets angry on seeing them. He learns that Pankti is going to the cake shop to check the CCTV footage. He thinks of stopping her by some way. Reyansh sends someone to change the footage. Pankti reaches the shop and checks the CCTV footage. She doesn’t find anything there, and learns that the shop owner is working on someone’s instructions. She wonders who is her new enemy, since JD has died.

Leela plays the new game of divide and rule. She tells Satya that she has killed Susheel only on Sejal’s provocation. She tells him that Susheel would have got some fresh moments of life if Sejal didn’t challenge her to kill Susheel. She makes Satya and Sejal against each other. Sejal apologizes to Kali as they lost Susheel because of her mistakes. Leela continues to threaten the family. Susheel’s family comes to meet Satya and threaten to ruining Ajmera family. They want to find Susheel and help her out. Dada ji also vows to support Susheel. He understands Leela’s crimes. Leela gets happy to make them her new puppets.


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