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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Mayavi Maling:
    Angad takes the credit of saving Pranali from the storm. Maharaj Shil Aditya gets indebted to him. He gets assured that Angad will be Pranali’s protector forever. He tells Angad that he is happy to fix Pranali and Angad’s marriage. Pranali stays confused about Angad, as she remembers Haran has saved her life. Marukeyasur informs Madhumali about his enemy Chegu residing in Maling. He tells her that he has seen Chegu in the prison. He attempts to kill Chegu by showering a snow storm inside the prison. Chegu gets affected by the storm, as he can’t stand much ice, owing to his nature of fire strength. Eshwarya also suffers in the storm, while Shil Aditya isn’t aware of it. Shil Aditya asks Pranali to go ahead with the marriage. Haran finds Angad a mean person and worries for Pranali’s future.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman ruins Ishita’s house in a fit of rage. He yells at her that she doesn’t deserve to be called a mother. Ishita breaks down by facing his hatred. She fails to explain herself to Raman. She ends up shedding tears. Mr. Bhalla calms down Raman and takes him home before things go out of control. Mihika informs Romi about Raman’s angry show down. Romi tells her that he is fed up of handling the family emergencies. She asks him to be dutiful towards his family. He tells her that this isn’t a normal family which he wanted. He doesn’t want to get involved in the issues. Pihu rushes back to Ishita and apologizes to her. Ishita really feels she is at fault and she is paying for her sins. Pihu tells her that she will always stand with her. Ishita asks her to go home, else Raman will create a scene again.


    Anika breaks a sad news to Shivay. She tells him that she isn’t pregnant. He turns sad, but confesses that his fears are away with the news. He tells her that even then he was happy that he is going to become a dad and started dreaming of their daughter. He expresses his mixed emotions to her. He apologizes for his thinking, the way he has given her stress. She forgives him. She tells him that good things takes it time to occur, and they should better wait for the time when they turn into proud parents of Shivika. Rudra tells the family about Shivay’s viral dance video. He give the good news about Shivay getting a big deal from the Japanese delegates. He congratulates Shivay. The family gets happy for Shivay. They believe in Shivay’s talents and business skills. Dadi blesses Shivay’s prosperity.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    A little angel meets Kartik and Naira. She unknowingly tries to get them together. Goenkas and Singhanias meet at Agarwals wedding. The kids miss Kartik and Naira at the wedding. The cold war between the families continue, though they wish to end their distances. The little girl helps Kartik get a relief from his headache. Kartik finds her a happy soul. He opens up his problems in front of her. He asks her about her family. She tells him that the elders at her home are sleeping. She also reveals about Naira, who is the cute girl in their building. She asks Kartik to have tea and get rid of his headache. She tells him that Naira is also cute like him. Kartik bonds with the girl. Suwarna avoids Bhabhimaa, who asks her to forgive Naira.

    Jiji Maa:
    Falguni tells her next plans to Niyati and Zeenat. She enters Rawat mansion with an intention to expose Uttara by stealing the important will. Zeenat agrees to help Falguni. Niyati also makes a plan to trick Uttara. Uttara gets a stiff neck. Falguni meets her as Lazer. She assures to Suyash that she will cure Uttara’s stiff neck. She twists Uttara’s neck to cure her. Uttara screams in pain. She then realizes Lazer has relieved her pain.

    Uttara gets insulting Falguni. She wants Lazer out of the house. Lazer thanks Suyash. The family asks Lazer to stay back with them and tell more funny stories. Falguni plans to come up with a drama so that she gets a chance to stay in Rawat family. She becomes everyone’s favorite after curing Uttara. Falguni tries to make Suyash understand that he has taken a wrong stand against his wife. She wishes Suyash understands his mistake and gets Falguni back in his life. Suyash applauds Lazer for helping Uttara. Falguni tries to change his perception. Niyati gets happy seeing Falguni and Suyash bonding again. Falguni tells them that she knows how to cure people’s pain, she is equal to physiotherapist. Jayant wants Uttara to get treated by Lazer. Uttara refuses to take help from Lazer.

    The family tells Uttara that Lazer is a good choice. Falguni gets a chance to join Rawats for couple of days. She thinks this will be a good chance for her to find the will. She also knows Uttara is doubting on her. She gets some solution to end Uttara’s doubt. Falguni as Lazer presents a fake picture of her with Falguni. She proves that she isn’t Falguni. She tells Suyash that she has heard about Falguni’s broken marriage. She tells him that maybe it was not Falguni’s mistake, and her husband misunderstood her. Uttara gets fooled by Falguni.

    Ikyawann: Sejal gets into an argument with Leela. She threatens Leela of handing her over to police. Sejal doesn’t get scared of Leela any more. Satya runs to seek help from Sarthi. He finds her house locked. He doesn’t understand where did she go. Leela threatens them about Susheel again. Sejal tells Leela that she will reach her very soon and then teach her a lesson. Leela asks Sejal to go ahead and do whatever she wants, but she won’t know about Susheel then. She gets angry on Sejal’s planning. Leela asks Satya to stop Sejal. She reminds them about Susheel. Satya asks Sejal not to threaten Leela. Leela isn’t ready to give up so easily. Sejal feels Leela is playing games with her, she can never kill Susheel, who is much strong. She asks Kali not to get scared, else Leela will use their fears.


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