Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara stays unaware of the hidden enemies

Ishq SubhanAllah

Ruksar clicks Kabeer’s pictures. Zara catches Ruksar in the room. Zara asks Ruksar what is she doing in her room. She asks Ruksar why did she click pictures of her room. Ruksar says I have got flowers for you, I have taken the pictures to have some memories with her. She says I will delete the pictures if you say. Zara asks her to keep the pictures. She asks Ruksar to have harmony in her married life. She ends all the bitterness with Ruksar, by starting a friendship bond. Zara doesn’t want to fight with Ruksar. She fixes a white flower in Ruksar’s hair. She tells Ruksar that she is offering her a white rose so that she can stay in peace in her in-laws house.

She wants Ruksar to be happy with her new life. Ruksar hides her intentions. Zara taunts Ruksar and sends her away. Ruksar acts good towards Zara, but Zara knows Ruksar is up to something. Ruksar appears happy for her marriage, but she plans to cancel the marriage. Zara feels Ruksar is changing and will get married by her will.

On the other hand, Kabeer gets scolded by his dad, who is worried about the complaints and cases filed against Kabeer in Shariah board. He tells Kabeer that if any project comes between his career, then he will ruin the project himself. Kabeer says I won’t let anyone spoil my project. Kabeer’s dad gets upset with him. Kabeer explains him that he will work hard for his dreams. He tells his dad that he is thinking of good for the entire community. Kabeer doesn’t want to be selfish to shape his career. Miraz calms down Kabeer and his dad’s arguments. Miraz gets happy with Kabir’s name getting spoiled.


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