Kumkum Bhagya: King’s big lie to upset Abhi-Pragya


The Terrorists attack the school where Pragya’s daughter and Purab’s son study. They keep the children and all staff members hostage and ask government to get helicopter ready for them and fulfill their demands. Kiara thinks once her mum comes to know about the attack, she will not leave the terrorists. Sunny tells her that her chucks Abhi will not leave them too. The terrorists scare children and teacher. They shoot bullet in air. Abhi hears the attack on radio and rushes back to school. He recalls seeing terrorists, but he couldn’t identify them. He comes to school and asks Policemen to let him go inside and rescue his nephew, but they refuse to let him go inside.

Abhi then decides to go from back door and reaches inside. He takes watchman’s gun. Pragya also gets to know about the attack and enters school through back gate. Abhi and Pragya hide on seeing the terrorist coming. Abhi senses her presence and calls her name, but she doesn’t hear him. They sit closer separated by the wall, but even then fail to see each other.

Abhi gets up and searches in the school classrooms for Sunny. He gets caught by the terrorist who threatens to kill him if Police don’t stop. Pragya sees Abhi at gunpoint and gets shocked. She will rescue Abhi. They will together save all kids.

Abhi and Pragya come face to face soon and get emotional. Before they could talk and unite, King comes there and introduces Pragya as his wife. Abhi is left speechless and shocked. Although he had seen Pragya telling Inspector that she is King’s wife, but Abhi didn’t believe her. Pragya gets upset as King lies to Abhi.


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