Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika takes a stand for Sahil’s family

Aapke Aa Jane Se

Vedika gets tortured again. Yash calls the women home to protest and trouble Vedika. The ladies protest against Vedika and get insulting her. They want to make Vedika wear the slippers string. Vedika sees Yash smirking at his victory and understands he has sent the women. Vedika’s patience breaks out. She asks the ladies to leave her. Sahil isn’t at home to save Vedika. Vedika gives a solid reply to the women and shows her strength. She tells them that its a sin to accuse someone falsely, how can they punish someone by listening to anyone randomly.

She says this can happen with you some day, anybody can come to punish you without knowing the truth, how will you feel if anyone accuses you for false thing. She asks don’t you all have any work to leave your homes and coming here to protest without knowing the matter, how can you judge a woman without asking her, you should use your minds and question your judgement. Vedika scolds the women and sends them. Yash goes to Vedika and gets insulting her. He tells her that he will not leave her, as she is against his motives. He wants to trouble Badi Amma and Sahil. Vedika opposes his evil intentions. Vedika and Yash have a battle. She fights to secure Sahil’s family.


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