Shakti: Sameer fetches Harman’s fake news for Soumya

Shakti Looped Twist Harman obstructs Soumya's marriage

Soumya is upset and misses Harman. She has kept a Vatsavitri fast for Harman. She thinks of her moments with Harman. She sheds tears. The sorrow takes over her life again. Sameer and his mum find Soumya crying. Sameer tells Soumya that he has seen Harman, who looked very happy with Jasleen. He asks her not to worry, as he will always get news about Harman, she should be glad for Harman’s happiness. Sameer’s mum says we will go out for dinner, so that Soumya gets a change.

Sameer asks Soumya to tell them if she will come, she shouldn’t cry more. Soumya wants Harman to move on in life. She thinks she has got Harman and Jasleen married for the sake of his marriage, so she should be content with her decision now. Sameer is lying to her. He tries to cheer up Soumya. He gets selfish for having Soumya in his life. He is cheating her again. Soumya doesn’t know about Sameer’s deceive.

Soumya hugs the teddy and reminisces her past. Harman too thinks of Soumya and gets sad. They are away, but still close to heart. Harman imagines Soumya beside her and talks to her. He then gets restless to meet her. Soumya talks to the teddy. She tells the teddy that this year Jasleen will be keeping the fast for Harman. She wishes Harman finds his real happiness in his second marriage.


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