Ikyawann: Susheel returns to save her family


Leela commands the family to insult Parikhs. She asks Satya, Sejal and Kali to get insulting Susheel’s family to break their hearts. Kali and Satya get deeply hurt to get bitter towards Parikhs. Dada ji tells them that Susheel is innocent. He doesn’t want to stay with Ajmeras anymore. Shivam gets into a heated argument with Satya. Parikhs make a leave, which makes Leela too happy. Leela tells her family that she is happy to see Parikhs getting insulted in her house.

Satya wants to meet Sarthi and plan something to catch Leela. He wants to find Susheel. He doesn’t know that Susheel has escaped from Leela’s clutches. Leela wonders where did Susheel go. She doesn’t want thee family to know the truth, else they would seek help from police.

Kali feels bad for hurting Susheel’s family. She thinks she has lost as a good person, as she has gone against her ethics today. She feels Leela is just fooling them, she will never spare Susheel. Satya tells them that Sarthi has gone missing. They learn that Jhanno knows about Sarthi. Satya demands her to tell them the truth. Leela meets a man who killed Susheel’s family. She tells him that its time to end Susheel. He refuses to do any crime for her again. He tells her that he doesn’t need any money from now, as he is feeling much guilty since he committed the crime. Leela threatens to kill him, as he is the evidence of her crimes. Sarthi saves the man and also catches Leela red-handed. She tells Leela that police is coming to arrest her soon.

Leela loses her cool and threatens to kill her. She doesn’t know how to escape. Sarthi asks her about Susheel. Leela lies to her that she has killed Susheel. She expresses her revengeful intentions and shoots at Sarthi. Sarthi asks her not to be foolish to run again. The man gets shot instead Sarthi. Leela injures Sarthi and makes a quick escape. Jhanno tells Satya about Sarthi’s plan to nab Leela. She can’t see Satya in pain. She wishes she could help him. She tells him that she doesn’t know anything about Susheel. She asks him to be hopeful as Sarthi will soon find Leela and Susheel. Everyone waits for Sarthi. Leela shocks the family by making an entry home. She scolds Jhanno for supporting Sarthi. She threatens the family directly. Leela weaves her next plan. She plays a death game with her family. Susheel returns to save the family from Leela’s madness.


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