Udaan: Imli plays a clever move to defeat Chakor and Vivaan


Chakor and Vivaan make another attempt to catch Imli. They hope that they don’t fail this time and reach Imli. They lay a clever trap to catch Imli red-handed. They got the clues that Imli is alive. Chakor wants to tell Suraj that Imli is alive and they have learnt this at the ashram. Vivaan tells her that Suraj won’t believe them till they show up Imli to him. He asks Chakor not to hurry and instead find Imli first. She agrees with him. Imli creates hurdles for them so that they don’t reach Aazaadgunj in time and irk Suraj. Chakor and Vivaan are away from haveli. Vivaan tells her how Imli has faked his accident and made him stay in the state of coma. He also reveals that Ranvijay attempted to kill him and buried him, assuming him to be dead. Chakor sympathizes with Vivaan, knowing the tortures he has suffered because of Imli.

Chakor wishes that Lord helps them in getting justice. Chakor and Vivaan find out that Imli has hidden the money bag in the village area and also fixed a rose plant to have a sign of the exact location. They dig up the place and get the money bag. Vivaan tells Chakor that they will use the money bag as bait. Chakor tells Vivaan that the news of this dance program would have reached Imli, she should have come here till now. Vivaan tells her that Imli is greedy for money, she will surely come. He wonders why didn’t Imli come till now. They worry that their plan can go in vain.

Vivaan sees Imli running away with the money bag. They find some another girl and question her about stealing the cash. Vivaan threatens the girl and asks her if Imli has given her the task to steal the cash. The girl tells him that she has found the bag on the roadside and picked it. She refuses to know Imli. She asks Vivaan to keep the bag and let her go. Vivaan demands her to tell the truth. Chakor lets the girl go. Imli sends multiple girls resembling her to fool them. Imli succeeds in her plans and gets the money bag. Imli looks at Chakor and Vivaan. She tricks them and leaves from there. Chakor and Vivaan don’t lose hope. They are sure to dig out the truth.


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