Kaleerein: Meera’s pregnancy comes as a shocker

Kaleerein: Thrill, suspense and horror twist next

Meera is always ill treated by Roma. Vivaan too gets bitter towards Meera. She asks him why is he shouting out so much. Vivaan asks her to sign the divorce papers. He ruins all her dreams and hopes. Dolly asks Vivaan how can he divorce Meera. Vivaan tells Meera that this time she can’t avoid the divorce, the pen is also working. Meera tells Dolly that she knows divorce is a big mess, but she will explain her everything later, this is really necessary. Meera gets ready to sign the papers. She feels nauseous. Dolly tells Meera that she shouldn’t divorce Vivaan now, as she is pregnant, she should take care of herself.

Meera says I m fine and feeling strong, I have to free Vivaan from this relationship. Dolly says you have to think as a child’s mother now, its not just about you and Vivaan. Vivaan tells Meera that he is angry at her as she has hidden about Pammi. Meera then reveals the pregnancy truth to Vivaan and Roma. Roma wants to kill Meera and Pammi. Meera wants to fail Roma’s plotting. Vivaan thought of divorce to end the matters and leave from Meera’s life. Meera’s pregnancy shocks Vivaan. Roma’s plan flops.

Later on, Meera steals Vivaan’s gun. She hides the gun and sleeps. A lady enters their room to attack. Meera shoots at Sheri. Vivaan wakes up and asks Meera what is she doing. Meera tells Vivaan that Sheri is freed from jail, she has come here to kill them, so she has shot Sheri for protecting themselves. Vivaan doesn’t believe her. He then gets a big shock finding the family captive by Sheri. Meera tells Vivaan that Roma is involved with Sheri. Meera’s fake pregnancy truth will come out soon.


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