Piyaa Albela: Sahil Uppal to make a negative entry


There has been quite of curiosity to know the real culprit in Meghna’s molestation case. The truth will be finally out in front of Pooja, who will be witnessing the attacker. Pooja makes a risky plan to catch the attacker, who is Meghna’s molester. The attacker has killed the tailor and injured Surbhi as well. Luckily, Surbhi survives, though she loses her baby. Naren tells Pooja that its very dangerous for her to become a bait to catch the attacker. Pooja is ready to risk anything to search the truth. She is fed up seeing all the men of Vyas mansion blamed for Meghna’s disrespect. Pooja asks Naren to rest assured that everything will be fine.

She lays a trap for the attacker, who comes in front of her with a motive to kill her. Pooja gets shot by the attacker. She dies in front of him. The attacker then buries Pooja and leaves for home, without realizing that Pooja is alive. Naren digs out the ground and frees Pooja. They head for home. When the attacker reaches home, he gets a huge shock when he finds Pooja and Surbhi alive. Naren, Pooja and others confront the attacker. The attacker’s true identity will be revealed. Actor Sahil Uppal will be making a negative entry.


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