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Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam takes part in the cycle race, hoping to win a hoverboard. She wants to show off to Fawad, by having a hoverboard like he owns. Zain gets a crush on Mahira, during their first meet. Mahira and Zain want to cheer for their little siblings. Zain develops a liking for her. Mahira is already in love with Rihaan. Mahira tells Majaaz that she wants Mariam to win the race. Shockingly, Mariam falls down during the race because of Fawad. She gives her best to win. The police reaches the ground and arrests Majaaz for questioning. Mariam gets worried for her dad. Madiha doesn’t know the matter Majaaz is hiding from the family. She just wishes he overcomes the problems. Aijaz assures Mariam and family that he will soon get Majaaz home.

Krishna Chali London:

Prashant tells Krishna that there is no way to stop her marriage now, they are left with only one option, that’s to elope. He asks Krishna if she believes him and wants to elope with him. Krishna readily agrees to him. Prashant hands over the tickets to her and asks her to meet him at the railway station. Prashant waits for Krishna to board the train, but she doesn’t turn up. Krishna then plans to run away from her marriage. She meets Radhe on the way and scolds him for cheating her. She asks Radhe not to cheat anyone again, else he won’t be able to wed any girl. Krishna elopes with Prashant on her wedding day, leaving Radhe shocked.


Soumya hugs the teddy and reminisces her past. Harman too thinks of Soumya and gets sad. They are away, but still close to heart. Harman imagines Soumya beside her and talks to her. He then gets restless to meet her. Soumya talks to the teddy. She tells the teddy that this year Jasleen will be keeping the fast for Harman. She says Harman had kept a fast for me last time. Harman has done a lot for me, and now he is not with me. She feels he has kept the fast for Jasleen now. She sees Harman and Jasleen’s pictures shown by Sameer. She believes the pictures. She wishes Harman finds his real happiness in his second marriage.

Meera steals Vivaan’s gun. She hides the gun and sleeps. A lady enters their room to attack. Meera shoots at Sheri. Vivaan wakes up and asks Meera what is she doing. Meera tells Vivaan that Sheri is freed from jail, she has come here to kill them, so she has shot Sheri for protecting themselves. Vivaan doesn’t believe her. He then gets a big shock finding the family captive by Sheri. Meera tells Vivaan that Roma is involved with Shery. Meera’s fake pregnancy truth will come out soon.

Mayavi Maling:

Maharaj Shil Aditya gets suspicious about Angad after his feet get burnt by Maling lake’s pure water. Madhumali comes to Angad’s rescue. She makes a story and covers up the truth that her son is actually the king of demon clan. She heals Angad and tries to convince everyone. Maharaj Shil Aditya sends his guards to find Eshwarya. He also goes in search of Eshwarya. Angad learns that Maharaj Shil Aditya has slowed down the wedding proceedings. He wants to make him pay for his mistake. He feels Eshwarya is coming in his way. He sends his men to kill Eshwarya. Chegu becomes Eshwarya’s protector again when Angad’s men attack them. Antara reaches Maling and meets Maharaj Shil Aditya.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja makes a risky plan to catch the attacker, who is Meghna’s culprit. The attacker has killed the tailor and injured Surbhi as well. Naren tells Pooja that its very dangerous for her to become a bait to catch the attacker. Pooja asks Naren to rest assured that everything will be fine. She lays a trap for the attacker, who comes in front of her with a motive to kill her. Pooja gets shot by the attacker. She dies in front of him. The attacker then buries Pooja and leaves for home, without realizing that Pooja is alive. Naren digs out the ground and frees Pooja. They head for home. When the attacker reaches home, he gets a huge shock when he finds Pooja and Surbhi alive. Naren, Pooja and others confront the attacker.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

and Naira finally meet in the class. Kartik calls her out, while she recognizes his voice and tries to go far. She falls back in an attempt to get away faster. Kartik comes to her rescue and holds her in time. Kartik’s heart melts down seeing Naira. Kartik and Naira part ways again. They have the same decision to leave Imperial College. Naitik and Manish get upset with their decisions, as Kartik and Naira are turning away from their happiness once again.


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