Jiji Maa: Falguni to re-enter Suyash’s life

Jiji Maa: Suyash to conceal his critical illness

Suyash sees Falguni’s picture and cries. He feels helpless. He tries to call Falguni and talk. He stops himself. He stays sorrowful. Falguni makes a return in Rawat family. She comes back in Suyash’s life. She has learnt that Suyash loves her a lot. She couldn’t see Suyash shedding tears in her memory. She meets Suyash to end his sorrow. She doesn’t want Suyash to go through the pain of separation. She gives a gift to Suyash.

Suyash gets to see their photo collage. He gets emotional. His feelings get revived. He gets happy seeing their pictures. She reminds him their love moments. Suyash then thinks of their clashes and misunderstandings. Suyash’s happiness gets low. He regrets that she is repeating her mistake again. He doesn’t want Falguni to enter his life, as he isn’t able to forget what she has done with Uttara. He shows his fake anger to Falguni. Falguni has to win Suyash’s heart again. She doesn’t want Suyash to hurt himself by his anger.


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