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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Ikyawann: Leela returns home and tells Satya that she has killed Susheel to take revenge for Kiran’s madness. She tells Satya that she has ruined Susheel and her family. Kali and Sejal ask Leela to surrender to police and stop her madness. Sejal’s warnings make Leela laugh out. Leela asks them how can they expect her to spare their lives. Leela tells them that she has Sarthi captive. She asks the family to play a life and death game with her. She demands them to shoot at one another and see who survives. She promises to spare their lives if they fulfill her commands. Leela puts them in a dangerous situation again. Leela gets falling in their eyes again. Satya regrets to respect Leela before. He sees her cruel side. He asks Kali not to hurt herself. Satya tells Leela that he will shoot himself.


    Anika and Bhavya tell Gauri that they have to expose Abhimanyu. Gauri stops them from taking a strict stand against him. She doesn’t want to get involved in this matter. Bhavya asks Gauri not to get scared, as that would mean like encouraging such cheap men for crimes. She wants Abhimanyu to get punished for his sin. Anika too doesn’t want to spare him. Gauri tells them that Shivay will also lose his name in this matter, as Abhimanyu is the face of Shivay’s brand. She asks them to think of Oberois’ reputation, that would also get on stake. She doesn’t want any such loss for the family. She tells them that even Omkara will also lose his business. Bhavya tells her that they have to teach a lesson to Abhimanyu.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik and Naira recall their meet in college. It gets painful for both of them to think of their past and love. Naira finds hard to forget Kartik. Kartik too deals with his past with much difficulty. Kartik decides to never visit Mumbai. Manish and Kirti talk about their plans to cancel Suwarna’s flight so that they can help Kartik. Suwarna gets to hear them. She feels they aren’t understanding her pain. Naira cries that Kartik didn’t wish to hear her clarification once and made her out of his life once again. She ruins the college ID card. She tells Naitik that she won’t attend the college now. Suwarna doesn’t want Manish and Kirti’s relation to get spoiled.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Roshni informs Raman about the possible raid at his office. Raman finds Roshni pregnant. He yells at her for misleading him. He tells her that he will not believe her, as he lost Adi because of her. Bala finds Roshni unwell and takes her to the hospital. Raman misses Adi and feels bad that he isn’t with them now. Raman gets Aaliya’s call, who informs him about the raid. Raman feels Roshni has said true. Pihu refuses to go to any other doctor. Ruhi asks her to come with her, she will take her to dentist. Pihu takes a promise from Ruhi. Ishita treats the kid. She calls up Roshni to know about her. Bala tells Ishita that Roshni isn’t fine. He calls her at the hospital.

    Jiji Maa:
    Falguni saves the villagers’ work by failing Uttara and Balwant’s planning. She tells Balwant that he won’t dare to come in the village after this humiliation. Balwant gets revengeful and decides to kill Lazer, who is being an angel for the villagers. He attempts to kill Lazer. He throws her down the bridge, while she struggles to save her life. She hangs to his leg and asks him to pull her up, else he will also fall down. He removes his artificial leg and throws it off to get rid of her. She realizes that Balwant is Shambu. She asks Lord to help her, as she just got to know about Shambu. She wants to tell Suyash about his mum’s truth.

    Suyash happens to pass by the bridge. He hears Lazer shouting for help. Suyash saves Lazer’s life in nick of the time. Balwant tells Uttara that he has killed Lazer. Uttara gets to know they got rid of the big problem. Suyash asks Lazer how did she fall down the bridge. She doesn’t tell him anything. She wishes to expose Uttara by using Shambu. Suyash worries for her wounds. On the other hand, Niyati takes Falguni’s idea and makes a lovely video to patch up with Vidhaan. Niyati’s video ends Vidhaan’s annoyance. They have a moment. Niyati then overhears Uttara’s talk about Lazer. She worries that Uttara is planning to kill Lazer. She tries to call Falguni and alert her. Suyash feels Lazer reminds him of Falguni always. He asks her to sit in his car, so that he can take her to the hospital. Niyati rushes to meet Falguni and tell her about Uttara’s evil plan. Suyash gets suspicious that Lazer is Falguni. Niyati gets a relief when she finds Suyash dropping Lazer to the village.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Antara attempts to meet Maharaj Shil Aditya. Angad’s soldiers try to find Chegu and Eshwarya. Haran stays with Pranali as shadow to protect her. She gets hurt by him. He tells her that her life is precious. She asks him not to teach her. She asks him if he will get loyal to anyone who hires him. He tells her that he will just be loyal to her. Angad gets angry hearing Haran’s words. He punishes Haran for hurting Pranali. Haran apologizes to him. Pranali stops Angad from beating Haran. She asks Angad not to kill Haran. She saves Haran’s life. She takes a stand for her protector, which infuriates Angad. He asks Pranali why did she get friendly with a servant. He reminds her that he has hired Haran for her protection.


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