Udaan: Vivaan-Chakor’s friendship to irk Suraj


Suraj returns home from Lucknow. Suraj waits to talk to Chakor, but she stays busy with Vivaan. Chakor and Vivaan discuss their next plan. Suraj gets insecure because of Vivaan. Suraj stays upset with Chakor. Chakor tries to break the ice. Chakor tells Suraj that she has started finding clues to prove her point that Imli is alive. Suraj doesn’t want Chakor to keep friendship with Vivaan. He gets afraid that he will lose Chakor to Vivaan. Chakor apologizes to Suraj. Chakor and Suraj have a sweet moment.

Vivaan calls up Chakor. Suraj’s romance breaks off. He gets angry on Chakor. Chakor asks Saanvi to have food fast as she has to leave with Vivaan. Suraj asks Chakor why is she forcibly feeding Saanvi, just because she has to go. Vivaan asks Suraj not to shout on Chakor. Suraj feels like an outsider. Suraj asks them to keep their friendship and leaves. He feels Chakor doesn’t care for him now. Chakor fails to understand Suraj’s jealousy. Suraj gets disturbed because of Vivaan.


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